Keegan – Chelsea Will Be Hell Of A Game

It’s quite obvious that Kevin Keegan is relishing having his new Newcastle side go up against Cham,pionship chasing Chelsea on Monday afternoon.


Kevin Keegan with Chairman Chris Mort on January 16th

Kevin talked to the Daily Mail today:

“It’s a chance for the players here to test themselves against the very best, probably for the first time this season playing one of the top-four sides while we are in a run or form and while we have got some confidence.”

“There’s no doubt that should help us. Now whether that will help us enough to play for 90 minutes-plus against a side of Chelsea’s caliber and get us a result, that’s what we don’t know.”

“But we are going into the game with an awful lot to play for. We are playing for the biggest thing of all, we are playing for pride.”

Keegan has already got Newcastle playing the way they played when he first managed the club in the 1990’s. He has the Newcastle team always moving forward and the defense has also improved immensely since he returned to the club. So they are vastly improved now, compared to when Big Sam was managing the club in the first half of the season.

Keegan continued:

“There is no doubt about it, Chelsea will expect to come to Newcastle and get something – that’s why they are at the top of the league.” “But expecting it and getting it… there is a game of 90-odd minutes in between that needs playing.”

“We have a good record against Chelsea at St James’ Park over the last few years, so that in some ways will be an inspiration to us.”

“But it won’t be enough on it’s own to help us win. We need a performance, we need to show ourselves in a good light and we need to pick up, I guess, a Tottenham-type performance.”

“That, with the crowd behind us, will see us give them a hell of a game.” “If they come through that and they become champions in the next week, 10 days, they will deserve it.”

Kevin is relishing the chance for his newly created Newcastle team to go head to head with top-class Chelsea, and of course he doesn’t know how they’ll fare against Chelsea.

There’s no doubt the players will be up for this game, and they will be doing everything possible to capture all 3 points and send the faithful Newcastle fans, who will once again pack St. James’ Park, away for the summer with definite hopes for the future.

That’s what they will be planning to do, and as Kevin says, they will be playing for pride, which is the biggest thing of all.

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    May 3, 2008 at 10:46 AM

    Comment #1

    the only good memory i have of Bramble was that goal against chlski

  • Hadji

    May 3, 2008 at 10:49 AM

    Comment #2

    Its gonna be one hack of a match,I just hope no one from our team would get injured.I like to start the new season with a full and healthy squad.

  • Leo

    May 3, 2008 at 11:21 AM

    Comment #3

    does anyone know why we play chelsea as our last home game of the season yet again this year? it surely cant be coincidence


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