Keegan Right to Praise Avram Grant

Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan admits that he is a a little concerned when Avram Grant, who has done so well at Chelsea this year, is under threat of being sacked by Chelsea.


Avram Grant – who says he doesn’t smile?

Chelsea played just great in the semi-final tie against Liverpool on Wednesday evening and deserved their 3-1 win. They have some great players and Grant seems to have got them regularly winning games again.

Kevin talked about Grant, whom he’s meet for Monday afternoon’s vital league game at St. James’ Park:

“There’s still so much for so many teams to play for. We are playing for the biggest thing of all – pride,”  “It’s a fantastic end-of-season game for us. If we weren’t playing Chelsea – and then Everton – there’s a danger we would want to get the season over.”

“ But we are playing a team that has just got to the Champions League final. There’s something in it for us and that’s a good thing for our supporters and for football.”

“Chelsea are a good side and Avram Grant’s had a fantastic season. People may say he’s not doing a very good job there, but it makes the rest of us look very vulnerable if Avram Grant is in trouble.”

“I feel like everyone else in the game – he’s had a pretty rough ride. He’s done a great job. He went in and you’ve got to remember they’d played four or five games, not particularly well under Mourinho for whatever reasons, and while he lost his first game his record since is incredible and you cannot deny that.”

“If you’re saying ‘Is he the sort of personality you want to put in front of the cameras?’, I think he has a good personality, but he is not Mourinho. He came to Man City when he was with Israel and spent a day at the training ground. I liked him, and I had Eyal Berkovic there so there was a connection.”

“He is not a guy who comes in and struts in the place, you know he is not John Wayne but he knows football and he has done a great job. That is what he should be judged on.”

It will be interesting to see if Chelsea are interested in hiring Sven Eriksson from Man City. He seems certain to be leaving Eastlands, after a very good first year at the club. Sven is probably better off leaving because it looks like Thailand owner Thaksin Shinawatra wants to interfere with who the club signs, and also is said to want to pick the team.

If that’s the case Sven would be better out of there, and in the past Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been interested in the Swede.

Sven has restored his reputation at City, and there should be no lack of offers to keep him in England, where we think he would like to manage.

We think if Avram Grant wins at least one title from Man United, the Premier league or the European Champions league, it will be a bit difficult to sack him.

But you never know in today’s world of football.
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  • Leo

    May 3, 2008 at 11:19 AM

    Comment #1

    i do think that even if he doesnt win anything he doesnt deserve to get the sack but we all know how cruel football can be to managers.

    hes a good personality but just not as loud about it as jose mouhino

    doesnt mean we will hold back against them on monday

  • Slam Dunc

    May 3, 2008 at 11:33 AM

    Comment #2

    I think Avram Grant puts Wenger, Ferguson and Benitez to shame, he acts with great respect and dignity whilst Ferguson blames the referees, Wenger claims the whole of football is against him and Benitez plays politics with his owners.

    Grant just gets on with the job, this article he wrote for an Isreali paper says it all really:


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