Chairman Mort Fuzzy On Barton Future

As we reported over the weekend Newcastle are seriously considering sacking Joey Barton, who is currently serving a 6 month jail sentence , after being found guilty of assault last month in Liverpool.


Joey Barton – Mort non-committal yesterday on his Newcastle future

Newcastle chairman Chris Mort talked to the Sunday Mirror yesterday and admitted the club are in talks over the future of their jailed midfielder Joey Barton.

Mort told the Sunday Mirror yesterday:

“We are in discussions with his representatives about what is best for the club going forward.”

“Obviously, we are not going to ignore the fact that he is currently in jail.”

“It is too early to say whether Joey being sacked is a possible outcome but we are talking about what the future holds.”

There’s nothing concrete there on what Newcastle will do on his future, although obviously sacking the player is an option.

Remember that in normal situations, Joey would already be out of a job, with no hesitation.

The reports suggest Newcastle will ask him to take a 50% wage cut, and then presumably keep him at the club if he agrees to that.

But that hardly sounds like a deal of integrity from the club, and the first thing they should do is decide whether they still want him at the club, and not use his situation as another way of cutting the club’s wage bill.

It’s a very tough decision for the club, there’s no doubt about that.

Certainly the publicity surrounding him is only going to get worse for the Newcastle club, when his trial starts on June 30th, where he is accused of assault on his former team-mate Ousmane Dabo at Manchester City.

There’s going to be a lot of publicity surrounding that event, unfortunately.

Newcastle should decide the future of their player before that trial starts.

We still have a vote active on whether Joey should be retained by Newcastle, so if you haven’t voted yet – please do.

The current vote is close standing at 48% to 46% in Joey’s favor, with 6% unsure.

That about sums up the views of Newcastle fans on Joey, they’re just not sure.

Comments welcome.