Time To Say Goodbye To Barton

There are more reports coming out today that Joey Barton has indeed turned down Newcastle’s offer, of keeping him in a job if he accepts a 50% wage cut.


Joey Barton – not interested in Newcastle deal

If Joey has indeed refused the deal, then we don’t think it’s even worth dragging the club through even more bad publicity, with his next trial (alleged assault against Dabo) starting at the end of June.

We think Newcastle should do the honorable thing, which they probably should have done as soon as he was initially found guilty last month, and sack him forthwith.

Retain his registration, so we can recuperate our transfer costs for him, but this will more than likely be a long drawn-out affair.

We’ll have to see if some other club is willing to pay him £60K/week for his services.

Certainly the sordid affair with Muto and cocaine, is still going on with Chelsea, even now, and only last week Chelsea demanded 12M euro from the player, to cover their transfer cost losses.

If this news is true Joey, has proved that he’s not really interested in serving Newcastle – so sack him – now.

Now is the time for Newcastle to cut the cord, and we’ll pretend it was just a bad dream for the club.

We need some loyalty at Newcastle, and obviously Joey isn’t willing to give any of that – even though his position right now is a lot more serious than he seems to realize.

We’ve paid him £3M in wages over the last season, and he’s cost us millions of pounds in bad publicity for our club. He deserves the sack.
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  • GraemeR

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:37 PM

    Comment #1

    Id luv it if we sack him

  • Stamford Toon

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:38 PM

    Comment #2

    Time for him to go!!

  • GraemeR

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:38 PM

    Comment #3

    What was the name of the player that wouldnt cometo tthe Toon because of the little thug?

  • Graeme

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:38 PM

    Comment #4

    He should have been sacked the day he was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months.

    Retain his player registration and sell him to the 1st team that wants him and then sue Barton for any loss incurred by NUFC.

    Get him OUT of my club today.

  • broon ale

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:46 PM

    Comment #5

    graemme- silvestre

  • Robby Bobson

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:49 PM

    Comment #6

    GraemeR – Silvestre turned us down because he’s mates with Dabo.

    Sack him – hes had his chance and last season showed that he had not changed on the pitch (tackle on Etuhu etc). Only had a few good games for us anyway.

    Read something interesting, if Emre and Ameobi go as predcited the current owner will have broken even in the Transfer Market. Surely the club has money to spend, even if it isn’t out of ashleys back pocket!!!

  • micepie

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:50 PM

    Comment #7

    Hell yes. A friend of mine who is a West Ham fan was mightily relieved when they didn’t sign Barton last year. I wanted him to succeed but it appears it’s not to be.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Zoltan Gera. Worth buying, I think (2-3M?) along with a couple of younger, probably more expensive mf buys.

  • Gateshead Mag.

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:50 PM

    Comment #8

    Dorty prick can go. Hope he breaks his leg and can’t play again. Deserves it.

  • Hadrian

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:51 PM

    Comment #9

    i say we keep him to keep the peace around the training ground ,
    nobody step outa line or barton will chew ya face off !

    the way some of you are talking , its as if he murdered someone , not let us down by rising to the bait laid out for him by some scouse scumbag .

  • Rich

    Jun 11, 2008 at 4:55 PM

    Comment #11

    Bye bye Joey, we seriously need midfielders now though!! Emana is off to Betis it looks so there goes another target.

  • ANON

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:00 PM

    Comment #12

    Its a lose lose situ for the club.
    Thats all it is and Greame, “get him out of MY club today”

    Are you called Greame or Mike??? As i am 100% sure a bloke called Mike owns the club!!

    Keep him, sell him at a decent price in January, and get over it. He’s not the first and I am sure he wont be the last football player to drop a major bollock and get banged up. But YOUR club graeme, needs to get something out of this surely!!

    Get rid, he’s horrible, I am going home and taking my ball with me…..children!!!!!

    The blokes an arse, he is paying for it now, we bought him for near on 6m, and we just “GET RID”!!!!


  • ANON

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:03 PM

    Comment #13

    ED, What has he cost us in bad publicity??? Millions of pounds??? Mmmmmmm

    Didnt someone once say “There is no such thing as BAD publicity, and saying it has cost us millions of pounds?????????? Ludicrous.

  • euanpolo

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:06 PM

    Comment #14

    Good riddance, if he hasn’t got the honour to take a paay cut then he deserves to be sacked!

  • Nev

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:07 PM

    Comment #15

    until its confirmed by nufc its a load of bollox to me. newspaers just wanting to sell more papers

  • Leo

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:09 PM

    Comment #16

    “goodbye to barton”

    there ya go, as gordon ramsey would say DONE

    also fvck off out of my football club (kitchen)

  • Graham

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:11 PM

    Comment #17

    I said yesterday that the only way for Barton to come out of this mess with any dignity was to accept the reduction in wages and get his head down, get rehabilitated and show his commitment to NUFC.

    If what is being said today is the truth (and its only the mirror reporting it so could be made up twaddle) then Barton has no interest in anything other than himself and should be sacked.

    However, I must say that it does smack of a low shot by the club just to save some cash.

    We knew, however, what we were getting when we bought him last summer and can’t blame all the bad publicity on Barton alone – we’ve never been far from some scandal or other in the past.

  • Toon 85

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:12 PM

    Comment #18

    talk of us wanting him to take a pay cut is embarrassing, we gave him the big contract. you would have thought that when we signed him, when we knew about the dabo case, we would have installed a clause that he would receive no pay if he got himself into trouble??

  • ScottyT

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:12 PM

    Comment #19

    exactly ed about time ppl saw sense!

    y we signed him in exchange for parker is still a mystery to me.

  • Jonny

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:15 PM

    Comment #20

    mice pie,
    gera signed for fulham a couple of days ago…

  • cathal

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:22 PM

    Comment #21

    go away ANON will u! no one wants to listen to your rubbish! your not wanted on this site! if u think any publicity is good publicity, ur a muppet. sack him and retain his registration. we’ll pick up at least 4mill in compo from it. thats more than any club would pay anyway for him

  • Toonboy

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:24 PM

    Comment #22

    Couldnt agree more cathal

  • craig chisholm

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:26 PM

    Comment #23

    i feel sad at the whole situation and i feel that while barton is a nut job he has talent. we have again handled this very poorly as a club. we look terrible, as bad as barton indeed. most things are what they appear i find in life. barton appears to be a thug adn he prob is. we appear to be a very money orientated, non caring football club these days, which is what i think we have become or are fast becoming. its a sad thing for everyone. he has to go now though that much is clear. Ed, of course we will not keep him until his gegistration runs out. We will sell this guy at a knock down 2 or 3 million, someone will take a punt. we are after money money money!!! sell sell sell. he will be gone before the season even starts, money on it.

  • The Entertainers

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:27 PM

    Comment #24

    I have always wrote on this blog with support for Barton and believed we should give him another chance. I still believe we should, however i certainly agree he deserves to placed on a lower wage scale. But this depends on all parties agreeing

    We knew when we signed him he was a thug, the Dabo incident had already happened. So we all know what kind of person he is……however we also know the lad can play a bit and i believe in general as a group of supporters we are the forgiving type.

    But we do need to see desire, loyalty and commitment.

    By refusing the pay cut i see known of these qualities and am afraid Barton has let us down ‘THIS WAY’ and leaving us with very little option.

  • canny1add3

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:30 PM

    Comment #25

    THE TOON – CARTOON, In 50 life long blacknwhite thrunthru, there is no delusion that for the past 40 years we are and have been a second rate managed club with first rate support. This year once again, the management make demands on us paying this year hundreds of pounds each for the pleasure of subsidising their lifestyle for no reward. The lack of ambition in the transfer market when they have been looking for 6 months according to reports, so my title CARTOON, because we are a laughing stock. Barton and Smith last year were a joke on the pitch now Barton is one off it. Amoebi who supposedly loves the toon but wont leave it cos he is paid so well but who is a joke as a footballer. NUFC – Newcastle United Farcical Club, because to dream of ambition of winning something is a farce. I will support the toon until the end, but not financially MR ASHLEY, go and have a laugh at someone elses expense and take the dross & flotsum which is Smith and Barton with you.

  • Simen

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:31 PM

    Comment #26

    If Barton get sacked…. Do Newcastle have to pay him compensation??

  • Phani Tikkala

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:37 PM

    Comment #27

    Can’t understand some people on here.
    One side is saying he should have been sacked immeadiately he was sent down.
    The other side are saying the Club should stick by him.
    So the Club has 2 options
    1) Is that he needs some form of punishment from the Club if they are to stick by him after all he could be a liability. I’m sure he was told when he signed that this was a 2nd chance for him (lets forget about the Dabo case for now).
    2)They part services with him (the sack).
    So they offer him a new contract with a reduced wage (as punishment). How would the club have looked if they just let him waltz back in when his time is up. These are new times with a new owner who will not tolerate trouble makers at the Club. We’ve had a few in the past, but if we had took a firm line with the first one, the rest would have known not to test the owner (board).
    He seems to have turned that offer down? Now the club can say ‘we tried to stick by him but it had to be on our terms not his’ he takes it to court, if he indeed gets the sack, and the club says the same, no problems.
    Chris Mort is a very sucessful Lawyer he must have known that just sacking him immeadiately could be problematic, but by saying we will stick by him but on our terms it puts it all in the clubs favour.
    This reduced pay deal contract issue wasn’t about reducing the wage bill although had he signed it would have done. It was probably more about PR and making sure the club was seen to be doing the right thing by trying to stick by an employee and not letting it go unpunished.
    NUFC has essentially put out a statement saying this is a family club and we as a club will not tolerate this sort of behavior.

  • Davy C

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:45 PM

    Comment #28

    The ‘orrible greedy little sod. That’s me being nice cos i don’t want to swear on here. The club should sack him and as mentioned retain his registration so that if he goes anywhere else we get the transfer fee. Or do a Mutu and get rid before suing him for every penny. he obviously doesn’t want to stay and play for the club as he couldn’t need the money that badly!

    Good riddance if he goes – he wasn’t anywhere near as good as the player we hoped to get anyway.

  • geordie in taipei

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:46 PM

    Comment #29

    There wont be any sell on fee later, because even if anyone wants to take him, id be doubtful if anyone would want to pay for

  • steven1979

    Jun 11, 2008 at 5:54 PM

    Comment #30

    I said it before but repeat it again..
    Sionko from Czech team is very good right winger..
    best man of the team against switzerland and today he is good again..
    He plays in FC Copenhagen..Danish league..
    He can be a good transfer to us..2mn..not more..What we wait..

  • Ashton

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:04 PM

    Comment #31

    Sionko is too old mate

  • Nick C

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:05 PM

    Comment #32

    I think the club have given him a great opportunity for him to sue for wrongful dismissal. You either sack him or back him. Ashley has done neither. He (Barton) can quite rightly say that this is all about money, not punishment. Now we have to put up with prolonged legal battle. Messy.

  • Simon P

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:06 PM

    Comment #33

    bumwipes like Barton never learn. Fire him and retain the registration.
    Should never have been bought in the first place.
    Hope he’s having a good time in the showers !


    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:17 PM

    Comment #34

    is it not MUTU????

  • ronaldeano

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:19 PM

    Comment #35

    @ANON, go and hump Winehoose you dick

    NUFC is MY club, Grahams club and everyone elce on this blogs club. MA has just got the money to buy it.

    Grow a brain you tosser

  • Ian

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:21 PM

    Comment #36

    Barton- Bright as a blackout.

    Afterall he is worth more than £1.56m per year, isnt he??

  • JohnB

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:24 PM

    Comment #37

    Great Comment Nick C, I totally agree

    It is disappointing, but the way our board has handled this shows it has nothing to do with morality or bringing the club into disrepute. Either we are outraged by his actions and sack him, or think he should have a second chance so back him. This ‘third way’ makes us look like penny pinchers that kick a man when he is down, and gives the little thug grounds for wrongful dismissal (i.e not accepting a paycut even tho he is contracted for another 3 years)


  • oga

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:29 PM

    Comment #38

    If he has refused then he is a vile person, and I hope he is jailed for a further 5 years. He’s been handed a lifeline and he refuses? Who has ever heard of anyone receiving a wage while they’re in jail, let alone 30,000 a week.

    And to think we actually stood by him, providing him with character references and all sorts. If the reports are true then his career is over.

    Also didn’t Mutu have to pay Chelsea millions in compensation for not honoring his contract. We need to bleed him of any money he has.


    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:34 PM

    Comment #39

    now clear off as you have triggered an aggressive streak in me that I was not aware that I posessed.

  • Frankieboy

    Jun 11, 2008 at 6:36 PM

    Comment #40

    A laugh at everyones expense yet again.
    Why not just agree to pay him in phone cards cos they are the currency where he is and he may of accepted that deal
    It’s getting more embarrasing by the day for the club we love.

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