Amara Diane Still Wants To Join Newcastle

Paris Saint Germain star Amara Diane has told Sky Sports that he doesn’t want to be transferred to another French club.


Amare Diane – wants a move away from France

Diane is just one of the 237 players Newcastle are said to have been interested in this summer. 😀

Sky Sports is reporting that Diane really wants to move abroad and take on a new challenge.

Diane has been linked with a move to Rennes as part of a possible deal, which would take Jimmy Briand to Paris, but it seems the Ivory Coast player isn’t too keen on that idea by his club PSG.

Diane, who’s 5’11”, has been linked with a move to England with Newcastle United and says he does not want to leave PSG for another French Ligue 1 side.

Diane told when asked about a possible move to Rennes yesterday:

“I won’t go full stop,” “If I have to leave PSG, it is to move abroad.”

“I want to stay with the club, however if they don’t need me they are not going to transfer me where I don’t want to go.

“I have contact abroad, in a top league but they won’t transfer me to Rennes.”

We were linked with Diane in mid-May and at that time the 25-year-old forward talked about how great it would be if if he could move to Newcastle United.

Amara told Sky Sports on 13th May:

“Kevin Keegan is a dream coach, his team always plays offensive football and playing in England would be a great opportunity,”

“I know there is some contact between the two clubs and if an agreement is reached, I will go to Newcastle.”

“To play with Michael Owen would be great and there is also Obafemi Martins who is a top striker.”

“The Premier League is attractive and some of my Ivorian friends are there so I would be in good company.”

It’s nice to hear that from one of our targets – and don’t believe all you hear about players not wanting to come to Newcastle and play for Kevin Keegan.

Amara has played 44 times for PSG since 2006 and scored 7 goals, and played a couple of times for the Ivory Coast.  We wonder if he’s good enough for Newcastle.

We’re really not sure if Newcastle are interested in the player, but with Keegan returning from holiday this week, we expect the club to start launching serious bids for their targets soon.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Diane is one of them.

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  • DanToon

    Jun 17, 2008 at 12:48 PM

    Comment #1

    Gomis would be a much better signing than him!

  • Bucks_mag

    Jun 17, 2008 at 12:53 PM

    Comment #2

    From what i’ve seen of him he is a good dribbler but i would question his goalscoring record. I’d prefer that we look at Gomis, who has scored lot more goals and looks good all round, coupled with the fact he has had a bad euro so less clubs will be interested

  • James

    Jun 17, 2008 at 12:56 PM

    Comment #3

    We get rid of Shola and buy another Shola!

    Waste of time and money

  • craig_le_telford_la_gonk

    Jun 17, 2008 at 12:59 PM

    Comment #4

    another psg reject goinksta

  • craig_le_telford_la_gonk

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:00 PM

    Comment #5

    goinka stewart nooo neeedddd another PSG bucket of crap.

  • stk

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:01 PM

    Comment #6

    waste. crouch or ashton if we need another striker

  • Seymour Butts

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:04 PM

    Comment #7

    were’nt those quotes made up by his agent?

  • moza

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:06 PM

    Comment #8

    never mind him, priority Arshavin

  • Geordie Nick

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:13 PM

    Comment #9

    7 goals in 44 is sh*t, and thts only in the french league so cant see him scorin enough in prem, deffo no for me

  • broon ale

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:18 PM

    Comment #10

    yeah, he came out and denied those quotes from the 13th may

  • ToonKing

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:18 PM

    Comment #11

    he’s poo


    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:20 PM

    Comment #12

    No wonder myself and you lads are fed up with the media and all the transfer speculation! 237 players linked? F@?K ME thats a hell off a lot!!!

  • dan from france

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:29 PM

    Comment #13

    i moved to france 3yrs ago and go to school there my friend supports psg and says he is like martins but not as good. he is quick but cant finish that what shows his great scoring record lol. but i wuld rather we tried to keep hold of martins and bring in another striker from france GOMIS or BENZEMA and maybe BEN ARFA all great players and still young gommis 22 benz 20 ben 19 come on magpies bring in some 1 quick

  • Ericles

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:34 PM

    Comment #14

    I think he means attacking football. Someone should tell him we played “offensive” football under Fat Sam Allardyce! Another wait and see piece of transfer news I think.

  • Davies

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:50 PM

    Comment #15

    Seymour, apprently they were. He denied saying any of it about a week later.

    Not fussed about him anyway. There are much better strikers out there for the money.

    If we’re getting another striker we should really be looking at Zigic. I think he’d be an obvious replacement for the pieman.

  • Tom_Toon

    Jun 17, 2008 at 1:53 PM

    Comment #16

    Hope not, linked to average shite every dy, shorey, diane, emana, dunne all that bollocks.

  • moza

    Jun 17, 2008 at 2:03 PM

    Comment #17

    it was a bit worrying when Dunne was supposed to be keegans priority signing, then again that was a story by the slack jawed gimp at the comical

  • The Entertainers

    Jun 17, 2008 at 2:11 PM

    Comment #18

    His stats are terrible. Look PSG finished below us in there respective league and are also clearing dead wood

    No thanks and same goes for there midfield reject, let Boro have him

  • gorskino10

    Jun 17, 2008 at 2:45 PM

    Comment #19

    Depends on the price but Gomis is way better he will be like Drogba for Chelsea Diane is ok but if he is going for around 2/3 mill then thats a good price for a replacement for Viduka/Owen who have to leave due to lack of goals and wages.

  • micepie

    Jun 17, 2008 at 2:53 PM

    Comment #20

    Like everyone else, I want us to sign the likes of Arshavin, VDV etc (plus I think others like SWP would be good) but if our first signing is Guthrie or Chimbonda I’ll read Ed’s comments/report but not any of the posts on here.

    Most fans are vehemently opinionated on who we should or shouldn’t sign but I’ll stand by who KK wants.
    Few fans stop to consider what if they are wrong about who will or won’t be successful for us. Just have faith whoever we get in!

    p.s – by the way, I know some aren’t keen when posts go off topic on here, but off topic is usually much more interesting than the ON-topic posts, which can get a bit repetitive

  • Nenad The Serbian Mag

    Jun 17, 2008 at 3:00 PM

    Comment #21

    Yeah, PSG barely survived in Ligue 1, and if he’s no good for them, why would he be any good for us? If it’s a 1-2 m deal, and he’s coming to be a sub, I could live with that… I agree that Gomis seems much better and stronger, which is so importand for a player to adapt to English league…

  • Chris Thirl

    Jun 17, 2008 at 3:33 PM

    Comment #22

    Anyone know whether the 10mil Gomis bid got accepted?!?!

  • Leo

    Jun 17, 2008 at 5:27 PM

    Comment #23

    he is pap, end of that in my mind

  • Hadji

    Jun 17, 2008 at 5:52 PM

    Comment #24

    Yes but i think he would be a perfect replacement for the departing Smith.

  • ToonVol

    Jun 18, 2008 at 4:51 PM

    Comment #25

    no please…much much better options available and he’s way overpriced…

    Guy Demel from Hamburg a much better buy, can play RB or CB… I’ll have N. De jong from hamburg also…

    we need Pandev from Lazio…make the bid already…or Cip Marica from stuttgart…

    Id take Sidwell over anyone of our CM’s on the books currrently…

  • Tom_Toon

    Jun 18, 2008 at 4:53 PM

    Comment #26

    Demel is crap.


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