Does Mike Ashley Really Want To Sell Newcastle?

We just don’t know if Mike Ashley is trying to sell Newcastle United or not, because there have been so many mixed signals these last few days.


Mike Ashley – why do we keep hearing about takeover stories?

There was a report last week that a NY based company, InterMedia, were interested in buying the club, but were supposedly put off by the inflated price of around £420M.

Derek Llambias, our new Managing Director at the club, said on Friday:

“It is absolute nonsense.”

However, after that statement was made the New York-based private equity firm later insisted:

“InterMedia was approached about a deal, made no offer and has no interest.”

So somebody seems to have approached them about buying Newcastle, and the news reports said it was a third party.

But then again yesterday, another strange story that some interest was being shown by a company owned by the relatives of terrorist Osama bin Laden, of all people.

Multi-national construction firm The Saudi Binladen Group, whose chairman Bakr bin Laden is the al Qaida leader’s half-brother, were reported to be considering an offer for the club. The report even suggested the group would have a stadium built outside the city.

This claim has also been dismissed as absolute nonsense, but why do we keep hearing these reports?

That’s what Newcastle fans will be worried about, and while we choose to believe that owner Mike Ashley is in this for the long term, as he has repeatedly stated, we would be extremely disappointed if he then suddenly sold the club.

The fact the club is denying every report doesn’t help either, since that’s what they said about the continuing reports about Big Sam being sacked. Then quite unexpectedly, he was fired in January, and that was only a few weeks after then Chairman, Chris Mort, had said the rumors were nonsense.

The very last thing we want to see right now is to have the club sold.

The next line of business is to bring in at least another  5-6 top players, and then have a very good season next season, when hopefully we can finish in the top six under the great Kevin Keegan, and qualify for European competition once again. That’s our next step.

That will then put us on a much better footing next summer, for signing some of the top players in the world, whereas this summer, we are not in a particularly strong position to do that.

The last thing we want is another disruption, which will be caused if the club is sold.