Ashley Feels Sorry For Newcastle Fans

For the third time this week, Mike Ashley has spoken to the press, this time to the Guardian.


Mike Ashley – gave interview to the Guardian

Mike denied a story from last week, that he had tried to sell Newcastle for £420M to the American private equity firm – InterMedia Partners.

Mike told the Guardian:

“There is absolutely no truth in that at all. It is absolutely bullshit.”

Mike Ashley, as we reported earlier, said he was looking for investment partners for the club, to lift his own financial load, and he was asked if that could be some Newcastle businessmen.

Mike continued:

“It would be quite nice, be quite nice for the fans and everything else if we can get one or two partners in Newcastle United who are from Newcastle.”

“So that’s what we will try and do,”

Asked what percentage of the club he was looking to sell, Mike replied:

“I would be quite happy to sell 1%. Just local guys, mad Newcastle fans and everything.”

“I meet them and they say the only thing we regret is when you took the club, we then couldn’t be a shareholder.”

“If you want 1% of Newcastle, buy 1% of Newcastle for exactly the same price I paid for it.” “

“You can put in your money every year like I do, sit on the pitch and say this is one expensive season ticket, but I am having a lovely time.”

“Newcastle United is not a thing you would make a profit on,”  “Newcastle United is a thing you have to enjoy and love and enjoy going to the games and everything else.”

“It would be very useful if we had some multi-billionaire partners that wanted a stake in Newcastle United. It would help.”

Ashley would also welcome fans who wanted to invest in the club as a group, and buy a stake, no matter how small, but that he had not yet held any formal talks with investors.

Ashley went on:

“It would be quite nice if we were able to do something. It’s good for Newcastle, for everybody to get together behind it.”

Ashley said he wasn’t too upset by the media attention he has been getting since he bought the Tyneside club, but did say he sometimes felt sorry for the Geordie fans.

“It is upsetting for them to read these things; they read I am a mad Spurs fan and this sort of thing.”

“And of course it is not true – I absolutely hate Spurs. I always have done.”

Mike seems to be saying the gossip press puts out news which has no foundation in fact?  😀

Well – he’s right there, and that’s a good interview from Mike, and it would be good if he can loosen up with the press, and let us know more of what he’s thinking.

But that’s a good interview from the owner, and hopefully will settle down our fans a little bit.

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