Kevin And Recruitment Team Meet on Targets

The People today is reporting that the Newcastle Recruitment team, led by Dennis Wise, met with Kevin keegan about 10 days ago to cement their remaining plans for the summer transfer market.


Dennis Wise  – an important job at the club

Dennis Wise has taken a lot of flack from the Newcastle fans, and that’s probably unfair, given that it will not be easy, at least this summer, to attract top players to a club who are not in Europe, and who finished in the bottom half of the league for the last two seasons, let’s be realistic.

Add to that the fact we have no real idea what is really going on behind the scenes, and some of the players we have reported to have bid for, we mightn’t even be after.

What has changed for the better at the club, since last Friday, and what a difference it’s made, is that Kevin has been talking to the press again, and he’s lightened the place up completely.  We suppose that shoudn’t be too surprising to us.

The enthusiasm and passion this man has for football and Newcastle specifically is there for all to see, and his video comments after yesterday’s game are a joy to listen to for every Newcastle fan.  Watch the video and feel a lot better about things at the club today.  😀

The People is reporting Kevin Keegan was not happy that no move was made for Liverpool giant striker Peter Crouch, who he wanted to link up with Michael Owen up front.

Keegan, who also wants the England striker’s future quickly sorted out, (and will get his way we think – maybe this coming week) is said to be unimpressed by the size of his summer transfer budget.

But in the lively meeting they all attended, around July 10th, the three of Dennis Wise, Tony Jimenez and Jeff Vetere reiterated to Kevin, that the club would continue to scour Europe for top young talent.

The People are also reporting that Pablo Aimar was actually physically at St James’ Park for talks on Monday, when Newcastle outbid rivals Portsmouth with a £7M offer.

We have no idea if that’s true, but there were multiple reports that said he was in th bag, but that caused an angry  backlash from the fans, and we had tyo take our medicine on this site too from some readers, for thinking he was ours.   🙁

Oh,  the joys and tribulations of writing a blog every day on something you and your readers are so passionate about.   😀

But in the end Pablo Aimar plumped for Portuguese side, Benfica, and it’s interesting whether that was Pablo’s decision alone, or Kevin didn’t like what he saw when he met with the Argentinian.

It could have gone either way and Kevin only wants players at Newcastle who really want to be here and make a difference, so if Pablo came across as being too interested in the money, Kevin may well have called the deal off himself – we’ll probably never know – but it wouldn’t be the first time.

Certainly the two players he’s brought in so far, Jonas Gutierrez and Danny Guthrie fit the bill in that respect, in every way, and there’s a good shot of Jonas before the game yesterday at Hartlepool, when the lads did so well.
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