The Newcastle United Blog – Site News

Some new things that we’ve done to the site that we want to communicate with our readers.


We will periodically update you on some new developments on the site. Here are some things we’d like to ensure you are aware of.

  • On the sidebar you will see we have introduced videos to browse. They are extremely entertaining and some of them are just plainly hilarious. If you have a little time you can browse through them – you may want to see Pinky the Cat first – he’s very friendly.   😀
    We’ll keep changing the videos and are working on some funny football ones, and when the site is really busy we’ll take them off the site temporarily, since they seem to use a lot of cycles, and sometimes may cause the site to crash.
  • You may also have noticed when you read the articles now, we have just one sidebar with the article. We have removed the sidebar that has all the photos on it, and that’s to help our mobile users, so that the data they need to download is significantly reduced.
    We’d appreciate some feedback from our mobile users – via the Contact Form – on whether this has helped at all, and other ideas and advice as to how we can further improve the usability of the site, particularly for mobile users.
  • As far as the comments go, we think things are now a lot better and our concerns of a few weeks ago have been alleviated somewhat.
    During the problems we had, we had enormous feedback from our readers, and a number of you said they would be willing to pay a subscription payment to view the site, and by that way we could better control users and comments.
    We’ve though about it, but we think we’d not be able to get to enough of the Newcastle fans, which is our main aim after all, so we’re not going to do that.
    However, we have put a donations icon on the site, for those of you who are rich (Mike – are you reading this?), and who want to help us and donate to the site, to keep us going.   😀
    And of course there is no requirement at all to do this, only if you want to.
  • Finally, for Newcastle United fans in Thailand we have received a communication from Deena who lives in Thailand. Deena wanted Newcastle fans to know they have lots and lots of Newcastle United fans in Thailand.
    The web-site there is , and its all in Thai. So you can access the news there, which they get from the official site, and various other new sources on the web – related to Newcastle United Football Club. By the way the site looks just great!
    Deena invites all Thais to visit the site.

We are looking forward to a much better season for our club – and after two terribly disappointing seasons, we just have to do well, because it’s so important for the club’s future.

Many Thanks,

Ed Harrison.