Sad To See Abodulaye Faye Leaving

We wrote an article yesterday surprised that the BBC was reporting that it was almost a done deal for our defender Abdoulaye Faye signing for Stoke City.


Abdoulaye Faye – we’ll be sad to see him leave

We were concerned because the BBC is usually very good with their news, and we were a little concerned.

We should have been because Kevin Keegan has today said that the player will probably be moving to Stoke City and that Ameobi looks likely also to move to Ipswich Town.

We were expecting Shola to move but we are disappointed that Abdoulaye has moved ion – since h was w good player for us and was especially good in the air.

Kevin was speaking before his press conference this morning and said:

“It looks like Abdoulaye Faye is going to Stoke and Shola Ameobi has been given permission to speak to Ipswich Town.”

“But that is the end of players going out. If those deals do happen there will definitely be some players coming.”

We had heard reports that Faye was unsettled, but we’re still sad to see the player leave.

He played some good games for Newcastle towards the end of last season and it seems to us we’ll now need another central defender to come in, before the end of the month.

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