Keegan Enthusiastic About New Season Ahead

Kevin talked to the press yesterday and seemed really enthused over the state of the club and the state of his squad.


Kevin Keegan – so enthused about the new season

Kevin was first asked if his enthusiasm matched that when he took over the club back in 1992 and Kevin said:

“Yeah, if anything greater,” “In those days we knew we were building a club we would have to dismantle again.”

“Now the sort of players we are getting in, you know there is not a risk to them. When we were starting off in the very early days here we were buying players that we knew would probably have to leave the club if we went up.”

“Then when we got up, we started to head hunt players more – guys like Alan Shearer – and it was very, very exciting. I think we are back at that stage now.”

Keegan does admit that the club needs to communicate their vision better to supporters, something we have said many times on this site.

A lot of the problems this summer have been those caused by a lack of communication, when the fans just don’t know what the owner Mike Ashley is really thinking.

That was helped a lot by Mike’s interview in the new NUFC magazine last Saturday, when he revealed what he wants for the club, in an extremely long and detailed interview.

But Keegan is also clear that he will be judged on how good the team performs this coming season:

“ “Mike (Ashley) has come out and said how he sees the club and that stops all this stuff about him trying to sell it which I think is destabilizing for the fans,” “But at the end of the day we have to communicate better to them through you (the Press) and our own websites.”

“I think the proof of the pudding is always in the eating. When we wrap up this period with the transfer deadline, they will see where we are.”

“We have just broken our record for a defender (Fabricio Coloccini) and you know, that sends out a message. I do not think he will be the last player to come in but if we are going to fetch a new player, let them be quality.”

The Newcastle club is very special of course as witnessed on Tuesday, when over 12,000 fans turned out to watch the training sessions.

Of course Kevin knows all about the club and the fans, but newcomers like Guthrie, Gutierrez and Coloccini don’t – and Kevin continued:

“For people who have not been associated with the club for very long, the likes of Danny Guthrie and Fabricio (Coloccini), it astounds them,”

“But when you have been here like I have, you know the problems at this football club have never been the crowd and they’ve never been the passion of the people and the support of the club in the city.”

“That has always been there through thin, thin and thin again. The fans are top rate and my job is to get a team that eventually matches them. It is a tough ask.”

“Yes, we’re going to the home of the European champions and the champions of this country but I think it is a good place to go and some times teams go there and win,”

“We have to believe we can be one of those teams.”

Just how well we do tomorrow will tell us a lot about how far we have really come, over these last eight months or so – we hope it’s a long way – that’s for sure.

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