Keegan – Everybody At Club Pulling In Right Direction

One thing that is starting to come clear is that Kevin Keegan really does have a good relationship wioth owner Mike Ashley, and Newcastle fans shouldn’t be swayed by the rubbish reports we keep hearing about Ashley and Wise in the gossip papers.


Kevin Keegan – everybody pulling in right direction

Kevin Keegan has come out rather surprisingly with a very positive message about the state of the club right now, and he seems more than happy.

Kevin said yesterday:

““Everyone is 100% pulling in the right direction, despite what we tend to read.”  “I do not think we (Keegan and Ashley) have been closer than we are now.”

“Mike Ashley has come out and said in his own words how he sees the club, where he is with the club, and that was a good thing to do because it stopped all this ‘well, he is thinking of selling’ talk.” “If you talk to Mike about this club he is really committed to it.”

“I think he would be the first to tell you he does not understand everything about football because he is a fan. But I w o u l d guarantee what he does not know, he will learn very quickly.’’

“He is very sharp, very observant, does not miss a trick when you are in meetings. If someone tells him then doesn’t say quite the same thing again, he will pick up on it. I have had that happen to me as well,”

Certainly the way Newcastle United is now being run is very different to the old days under Freddy Shepherd. But that was hardly the best way to run a football club in any case, with us spending money we didn’t even have.

And thinking back to that May meeting with Ashley, on the Friday following the 2-0 Chelsea defeat, Keegan feels the club has progressed substantially behind the scenes:

“I think we are a long way from there now. We all understand what each other’s briefs are and what each of us brings to the club and that is a good thing,”

“Six or seven guys in a room talking about football are never, ever going to agree on everything but the important thing is when we don’t agree, it stays in the room.”

“We are very much united as far as I am concerned. I am sure if you ask Dennis Wise, Tony Jiminez, Jeff Vetere, Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, they would say the same thing.”

It’s just that with the lack of enough communication coming out of the club the fans haven’t seen that – or been told that, at least until now.

And of course Kevin Keegan is the most important man at the club, and he is a terrific communicator and his enthusiasm and passion so infective.

But the fans have to also know what’s happening in the board roon, and so far very little of what has gone on, has been communicated to the fans.

Keegan’s optimism was of course greatly helped by the signing of Fabricio Coloccini yesterday on a five-year deal, as well as receiving confirmation that Argentina winger Jonás Gutiérrez’s registration has been received in time for him to play at Old Trafford tomorrow.

Two bits of excellent news, and the fact that Oba Martins could well be fit for tomorrow’s game too.

Keegan continued:

“We still have some way to go because Rome wasn’t built in a day,” “When we wrap up this period with the transfer deadline, then the supporters will see where we are.”

“We have just broken our record for a defender and you know, that sends out a message. And I do not think he will be the last player to come in here by a long way.”

Great words from Kevin, and remember Kevin never fudges with the truth – so hey – things my not be doom and gloom at Newcastle – as we continually read in the gossip press.

They would just love for us to believe all that rubbish they write is true – it doesn’t look like it is to us.

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