Mike Ashley Must Fully Support Keegan Now

If Mike Ashley really has a goal to make Newcastle United great again, he saw the initial makings of it yesterday.


Mike Ashley – we may be closer to having good team than we think

Question – what have Newcastle got to do to finish in top six this coming season?

Answer – play the next 37 league games with the same spirit and skill we displayed yesterday.

Surely Mike Ashley will now see that in Kevin Keegan he has the perfect manager to bring greatness back again to Newcastle United.

If he really is ambitious he will have seen that at least three of the four players signed so far are top class, and the one missing yesterday, 22 year-old Seb Bassong has looked excellent in the two games he has so far played for the club.

And however much Dennis Wise and the recruitment team have been demonized by the press, and even some fans, over the summer, they have to be given credit also for the players we have brought in.

So we need another 3-4 new players of the class that we’ve already brought in, and this club could be in business for this season – much more than we had hoped for.

If we can’t get them, or they are not available for whatever reason, then let’s ensure we do our homework ready for January, so we can sign players that are good enough in January.  Again, only if they are available.

But with the terrific first game performance yesterday, any doubts that Mike Ashley had about Kevin or the direction we are headed in – must have been ended.

Mike now needs to more than ever fully support Kevin Keegan in the next couple of weeks – that’s if he really wants to own a top four club in a couple of seasons.

And Mike knows full well that a top four club in England will be worth an awful lot more than say £300M.

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