Kevin Guiding Newcastle Back to Greatness

Kevin Keegan, not to even mention the Newcastle fans, was hugely encouraged by the way his team played against the Red Devils on Sunday, in giving a wonderful performance of grit, pride and skill.


McDermott and Keegan – guiding Newcastle back to greatness

That’s something we haven’t always seen from Newcastle sides of late, but they looked full of passion, not to mention significant skill on Sunday.

There’s one thing this season that we don’t have to worry about and that’s the lads’ fitness and stamina, and there’s no way this team will ever tire out in a game.

Mark Hulse, our new fitness coach, aided by Robbie Elliott, have done on e terrific job in getting the platers really fit, and of course the Kevin magic is there for alol to see in the way he has his players fully motivated for these games. They play like their lives depended on it – great!

Sunday’s game was played at a hectic pace, but Newcastle held the strong European Champions well, and fully deserved their point.

But we also had thought in the Valencia game the week before, that the team looked phenomenal, especially in the second half and played some terrific football.

We won by two late goals, but we never thought the reports of the game gave the lads the credit they deserved, for just how good they played in that game.

The work done in pre-season and the spirit of the squad has made up for any lack of top signings we’ve made in the summer, but a note to Mike Ashley – there’s still time to get another 3-4 top players into the club this month – if they are available. Kevin has earned the right to spend your money, to further strengthen the squad.

Kevin Keegan, who is so hugely under-rated as a top manager said:

“We were without (Michael) Owen and (Mark) Viduka, who are key players for us, but there were two very committed teams,”

“If my team can handle that on the first day of the Premier League why should they fear anyone else?

“The fitness coaches have got them really fit so I wasn’t worried about us lasting 90 minutes. The good thing was that players who got knocks did not want to come off.”

“Steve Taylor got one and (Damien) Duff and one or two others. That tells you all you need to know about the desire within the squad. We are not a big squad but we are trying 100%.”

A great start to the season for us, and we cannot wait for Bolton Wanderers on Saturday – played no doubt in front of a packed St. James’ Park – with the greatest and most passionate fans that exist anywhere.

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