Newcastle United Blog Back On Line

We have now switched to our new servers and unfortunately had a disastrous switchover yesterday, where the new web hosting company couldn’t get us online for over 40 hours.

We moved to another web server – Tiger Technologies – and have upgraded our services – so we should be a lot better now. We did this all today in around 8 hours with a couple of hours off to see the lads beat Bolton today – a tough game but they got the job done again.

I’m also delighted to say that one of our readers, Liam, is now willing to help on the technical side of things for the site, and he has already upgraded WordPress to the latest release, 2.6.1, and he may do a little redesign of the site, so it’s not so heavy on CPU cycles.

Liam will help to ensure the site is stable and will be helping with the overall ongoing design of the site, and keeping us up to date with new WordPress releases and the like. Liam will become the Technical Engineer of our site.

Liam’s email is and he lives in Gosforth – Shearer country – and we are indebted to Liam’s technical help for our site.

We couldn’t have got this site back online if we hadn’t had Liam’s help – that’s for sure.

For Mobile users, things should be a lot better now, since we’ve installed new function to make it easier to read the blog from equipment like Blackberrys.

Finally, I have a little column in the News Of The World, where I’ve been asked to comment on each of Newcastle’s games this season, from a fan’s perspective.

If you’d like to comment on the article and how we started the season (just great) then here ismy sitewith the first article from last Sunday – this is done for no fee but a little bit advertising for our own web-site. It would appear that the competition is for the most number of comments – though not too sure about that right now – but we can win that one.

The NOTW people have been really good and so helpful on this. The column will be posted within an hour or so, of each of our games this season – including today – depending of course on the condition of my heart at the end of the game – and you are very welcome to comment on how the lads have done, from your perspective.

Let’s hope the reports will all be as upbeat as they have been the last two weekends.

Thanks for your patience on all of this – Ed Harrison.

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