It Is A Fact That Newcastle Board Statements Contradictory

As if to try to ensure they are quite incompetent, the Newcastle Board’s statement, issued on Saturday evening, probably for the consumption of Sunday’s papers, contradicts previous statements on Kevin Keegan’s responsibilities for players from the club.

Mike Ashley – statements contradictory at best

Richard Bevan, chief executive of the League Managers’ Association, has spent much of the last week working with Keegan and is reported today in The Sun saying:

“It’s never been an issue that he wouldn’t work with a director of football.“But it has always been the case that the director of football could not impose a player that the manager didn’t want.”

“Dennis Wise said himself when he took the job in February that everything would be run past Kevin and he would say yes or no. That didn’t happen.”

“Kevin’s chief complaint, among others, is that it was always agreed that the director of football could not impose a player that the manager did not want. This agreement has been broken.”

“The chairman at the time of Kevin’s appointment, the director of football and the owner have confirmed previously in public meetings and publications, that he would always have the final say.”

The statement from Newcastle has also proved embarrassing for owner Mike Ashley as it contradicted what he said in the September issue of the club’s official magazine. In that magazine, which was the first time he had talked at any length to the Newcastle fans it said:

“If the deal is right — and that means the right player who Kevin wants — then we will do that deal.” “Kevin is very particular on who he wants.”

Keegan himself has said very little since Thursday evening and would only say:

“At the time at which I joined Newcastle it was made very clear to me that I would have the final say on player movement in and out of the club.”

Director of Football Dennis , in an interview with nufcTV in early February, also made it very clear that Kevin had the final say on all players:

“I’m not going to bring players in behind his Keegan’s back,” “Everything that happens here will be run by him and he will say yes or no.”

And Chairman Chris Mort also said that Kevin would have the final say on who comes and goes at the club.

So there you have it – it seems the Newcastle Board is confuded about their own rules about who was ultimately responsible for which players came and went at the club. No wonder the club is in turmoil.

How they can get themselves into a state of affairs like this is just beyond us – but it’s a fact.

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