So Sad For A Proud Newcastle United Club

It would appear from the actions of this morning, where both coaches close to Kevin Keegan, McDermott and Sadler have been sacked,  that the Newcastle United Board are determined to press ahead with things at Newcastle.

Mike Ashley – massive mistakes made by owner

It’s hard to see how this will all turn out once the people running Newcastle, none of whom are actually in Newcastle, return to the city, either in the next few days or for the game against Hull City on Saturday.

What is happening at the club right now is definitely being carried out against the fans’ wishes, and it’s really difficult to imagine how Billionaire Mike Ashley, in the midst of an all-out rebellion from the fans of Newcastle United, can hold onto the club, even though it now appears that’s what he wants to do.

The Board have made massive errors, not only in not being able to keep Kevin at the club, but also for issuing statements on Saturday night which are obviously not true, by their own previous statements. And also by their own admission the club is a business – but we wonder who they think the customers of their business really are?

It seems that what’s being lost in all of this – is the proud name of the Newcastle United Football Club.

That an owner came come in and buy a club, and then go completely against what the Newcastle Public, the Newcastle Fans, the Newcastle Players and the Newcastle City Council want, seems unbelievable.

But perhaps with all the big money in English football, this is what football in England has come down to.

For the faithful fans of Newcastle United, this episode, now one of the worst in the club’s history, is much worse than any nightmare.
It’s all so very sad for the real supporters of our proud club.