Chinese Billionaire And Local Group Interested In Newcastle

The Mail and Telegraph are both reporting today that Mike Ashley is very likely to sell Newcastle United, and in the short term.

Xu Rongmao – Chairman of the Shimao Group

With the Newcastle fans so against the current regime, it’s difficult to see how they can carry on, in the atmosphere of hate that surrounds Newcastle right now.

It’s said that Ashley has already tried to make contact with representatives of Dubai International Capital, who were leading the ongoing bid to buy Liverpool until the project was personally taken over by Sheik Maktoum.

And it could be that Ashley’s attempt to get Keegan back on board could be connected with one of the two potential bidders, who are currently said to be interested in buying the club.

One potential buyer is Chinese property billionaire Xu Rongmao, who is reported to have plans to expand St James’ Park and redevelop the surrounding area. It is also understood that he would want Kevin Keegan as his manager.

There are only 10 known billionaires in China, and he is one of them, but he is said to be no Donald Trump – he’s bigger. Mr. Xu is the chairman of the Shimao Group, controls much more land than any private developer in America, and builds luxury real estate projects that put even Mr. Trump to shame for their sheer scale and flamboyance.

However, Mr. Xu almost never grants interviews and is highly secretive about his operations. Who does that remind Newcastle fans of?

There has also emerged a group of North East businessmen who are also said to be mounting an effort to buy the club.

Sources claim a group of North-East businessmen, with the financial capability to raise the money necessary to buy Ashley out, are sniffing around and may mount a bid for the club. They could always ask for £1K from fans to build their cash assets, as we’re sure quite a few fans would be willing to do that, in order that local people own the club.

Either way, the sooner this happens the better, because the current lot in charge are showing no leadership or management skills at all in running the club.

The bad news is the Newcastle club is like a ship drifting in the ocean, and going nowhere in particular.

The good news is it’s still afloat.

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