The Newcastle United Blog – Comments Policy

This is a reminder to our readers that we are more determined than ever to clean up the comments on The Newcastle United Blog.

1) As we have mentioned in the past, no comments that contain foul language will be allowed on this blog, and if anybody sees any comments in bad taste, please let us know, and we’ll immediately delete the comment and caution the reader.

We have now banned three readers, and have validated that the plugin for this works well, and stops the reader even getting to the site. We are determined to keep this a family site, and have our younger readers continue to visit us.

Please use the contact form to contact us.

2) We have also changed our caching capability “wp-super-cache” to handle things automatically so that when there are lot of comments being entered, after games for instance,  the site can better deal with them. This is a specific version that Tiger Technologies has created especially for our site, because of the heavy comments, and we are so thankful to them for their excellent support of our site.

Obviously it’s not a good time right now for our club, but we’ll get through it and all things will pass.

We’ll also be putting the stats for the season up on the site before Saturday’s game with Blackburn now that we are along a little in the season.

Thanks for supporting our site and keeping your comments decent.

3) Here is our comments policy:

The purpose of the comments is to allow Newcastle United fans and others to express their views on the news of the day concerning Newcastle United Football Club.

We ask all readers to respect other’s opinions and views, even though they may disagree with them.

We have removed the editing capability for comments because it was one of the things slowing the site down, so from now on any comments that contain any foul language will not make it to the blog.

Let’s also respect fans from other clubs, and remember they are only supporting their clubs as much as we support Newcastle, so there’s nothing wrong with that, so let’s have some civility to all our readers.

In general, we’d ask you to be civil towards other members and refrain from obscene remarks.

The key to all of this is to have something to say, and as we’ve stressed above, it will help greatly if you can be respectful in expressing it.

We want this site to be read by our younger generation of Newcastle United fans around the world, which is one big reason we just will not tolerate bad language.

Please let’s make this work – and let’s help the Newcastle United Football Club, which we all love, become great again.

That’s all we ask, and why we created this site.

4) Thanks to to one of our readers, Spuggy, for pointing out that you can install add-on spell checks for most web browsers, the latest version of Firefox has this add on and it works really well.

Try it, it works well.

Here’s the Firefox dictionary add-on, you just select the English download, install it and run – it takes no more than a couple of minutes.

And here’s an IE version:


Dr. Ed Harrison