Paul Ince Feels Sorry For Newcastle Players

Newcastle seemed as though the game was lost at half time, but a pep talk from new interim manager Joe Kinnear had them fighting hard during the final 45 minutes, and they were unlucky in the end not to get a point.

Paul Ince – feels sorry for Newcastle players

Ince had been reported as a potential Newcastle manager before Joe Kinnear was appointed as interim boss on Friday, and Paul has made an excellent start to his career at Blackburn this season.

After seeing his Blackburn side get all three points ahgainst an injury hit Newcastle side, Ince admitted he felt some sympathy for his opponents but he was also happy with the display given by his own side.

Paul told the press:

“It was important in the last 48 hours that we shut that out and concentrated on what Blackburn Rovers is all about rather than feeling sorry for Newcastle:

“Also, it was a case of who got the first goal. As soon as we got the first goal I felt at ease because I knew the crowd would get on their backs.”

“It’s not the [Newcastle] players’ fault. They are trying, they are trying really, really hard and I feel sorry for them.

“But at the end of the day, as soon as we got the first goal, I thought we were comfortable.”

There’s no doubt Newcastle has been like a circus since Kevin Keegan left 3 weeks ago, and it’s more than ironic that Joe Kinnear is serving a two match ban for calling an official during his time at Nottingham Forest, Coco the Clown. 😀

But it’s time the Newcastle palyers and everybody else at the club – which is just the coaches and the players since the Board seems to have disappeared – that we do not feel sorry for ourselves and get behind the players, as we once again drive towards safety in the league.

The time is over for boycotts and the like, and the crowd of only 44,000 today was disappointing, but it’s now time for Newcastle fans to show they are the best in the country by getting firmly behind Joe Kinnear and the players.

Certainly the second half display today was the best from our lads for many games, and showed the crowd are firmly behind the team, and that Joe can have an immediate impact at the club.

It’s time to move on and move forward again, after the latest nightmare.