Sensible Thinking By Kinnear To Give Players Day Off

Joe Kinnear talked to the Evening Chronicle today about giving the lads the day off yesterday.

Joe Kinnear – being interviewed over weekend
Before conducting his first training session this morning, Kinnear talked to the Evening Chronicle:

“What’s all the fuss about?” “After Saturday’s game we all sat down and decided to give the players at day off on Monday for a variety of reasons.”

“One is the fact that we are not playing until Sunday this week.” “And then it gave me the chance to go into the training ground yesterday and have a long chat with all my coaching and backroom staff.”

“As a result, I knew all I had to know when the players came in today.”

Joe is starting to get used to the fact that any little thing at the club is blown up out of all proportion.

It was a good deal to give the lads the day off. Our next game is on Sunday so there’s plenty of time to train this week, as Joe points out.

It also allowed Joe to meet the coaching staff, talk about the players, talk about the club, talk about what the training has been like.

And they could then develop a training plan together for this week that will have the lads ready to have a go at Everton on Sunday. Joe could also talk to the coaches about how he wants to conduct the training sessions while he is here, so that Chris, Richard Money and Alan Thompson are all singing from the same hymn book today.

Sounds good to us – carry on Joe.