Kinnear Unhappy At Stabs In Back By Gossip Presss

Joe Kinnear doesn’t like some of the press he’s getting this week, but it would be good for Joe to forget it and continue with trying to turn Newcastle around, which he thankfully seems to be doing.

Joe Kinnear – not happy at some press coverage

Joe said today:

“I’m not going to change, I’m an old-school manager and I have come out fighting,” “Unfortunately it is time to stab Joe Kinnear in the back as many times as they possibly can. I haven’t come in here for you to take the p*** out of me.”

“And if I’m not flavor of the month for you, it don’t bother me. I’ve got a job to do. I think a bit of a siege mentality can help in a situation like this. Too much has been made in the dressing room of ownership – we don’t know where we’re going, we don’t know who’s coming in and all that.”

“But loads of clubs have six or seven managers – this isn’t the only club where this has happened.” “The players are there to do a good job.”

“You just have to get on with life. I sense the confidence is at the lowest it’s ever been. We need a quick change of attitude – that is for sure.” “You lift confidence by not moping too much about what happened.”

“Whatever negative stuff that’s coming out in the media or Press you have to get on with it. I would think we need leadership, that’s for sure.” “We need the senior players to be more vocal and to lead by example.”

“If I go back to my Wimbledon days we had people who were prepared to get stuck into other people, but the first thing I noticed on Saturday was that there were no comments whatsoever. Everyone was quiet – really quiet. Normally I’ve been used to dressing rooms that are on fire.”

We’re a little surprised the dressing room is that quiet, since we had thought Owen, Butt and Given were stepping up to the plate. Of course we have a few new players too, and some who are still learning to speak English and that doesn’t help.

Kinnear admitted he has had to adjust his methods in order to get his message through to the foreign players at Newcastle,  Joe was asked if the number of different languages spoken by the players was a hindrance, although that’s true in most Premier league dressing rooms these days and  Joe answered:

“I think that’s a good point, I think that’s part of it,” “We’ve got to address that. José Enrique seems to be the one that speaks English, and he speaks to the rest of the Spanish-speaking lads. We pass things on that way.

“I think I’ve handled a couple of foreign lads in my career and they spoke perfect English. It’s a totally new situation for me. I’ve spent the last two days showing them as much as talking to them.

“I’ve been demonstrating where I want to go and pointing out what the best way to defend is. We need a talker at the back telling people what to do – telling the other defenders to stop players at source, stop them getting crosses in, get tighter and so on.

“I can adjust, absolutely. It’s going to be difficult talking to them – I’m not denying that fact.

Joe may be finding out just how difficult a job he has taken on, and of course the press are of no help and the sooner he realizes that and deals with it effectively, the better for Joe, the players and Newcastle.

Newcastle fans seem to have been impressed with Joe this week, and of course anything from our game at Everton on Sunday will help lift the mood on Tyneside. That is one thing that is badly needed, as well as a new owner and new permanent manager.
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