Sebastien Hopes For Start Against Sunderland Saturday

Sebastien Bassong is already having a better than expected season at Newcastle, as he has just secured the left back position in front of Jose Enrique.

Seb Bassong – has done very well so far at the club

The 22-year-old Frenchman, who has settled well on Tyneside, given all the disruptions that have happened since he signed, certainly didn’t let anybody down against Manchester City, with another solid and rather mature performance at left-back.

We were unlucky not to get all 3 points in that game, which we really needed, but Sebastien has now switched his attentions to the Tyne–Wear derby on Saturday, and he told

“We maybe should have won on Monday, but that has gone now and we take a lot of spirit from the game,” “Now we look ahead to the Sunderland match. I know that it will be a very good game, but a very hard game because it’s a derby.”

“For us and for the fans, it will be the game of the year. So we will have to be very, very good and we will prepare for that.” “I’ve played in a lot of derbies in France but I don’t think it’s the same as in England, like Newcastle against Sunderland.”

“I think this derby could be very amazing and I want to play in it.”

Seb looks to be another excellent signing along with Argentines Coloccini and Gutierrez and young Danny Guthrie, so we may not have brought enough players in during the summer, but the quality and character of the players has turned out to be very good.

We expect Seb to start against Sunderland on Saturday.

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  • Will

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:18 AM

    Comment #1

    I’ve liked what i’ve seen.

  • beyethegreat

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:21 AM

    Comment #2

    he is a good player hard to believe when you consider who is ahead of him (boumsong) he isnt a full french international

  • Toon Graeme

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:24 AM

    Comment #3

    Anyone got any Bassong songs?

  • Heavy hitters

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:32 AM

    Comment #4

    Very impressed with him I would make him our no 1 left back. As young as he is he has a lot of experience behind him something our youngsters dont have. This makes you ask the question should young kids come to a big club like Newcastle or got to feeder clubs first to get match experience?

  • Tom_Toon

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:33 AM

    Comment #5

    Enrique should be at LB with Bassong at cb in place of Taylor.

  • Toon Graeme

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:35 AM

    Comment #6

    The lad has settled in comfortably and is playing well. Hats of to the lad thus far. Im sure he will do a grand job on the derby match. If anything
    he will light a flame on Jose’s arse to improve his game if he wants a place on the starting 11.

  • Born Again Geordie

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:42 AM

    Comment #7

    Link to hear full Joey Barton interview

  • Silence of the Llambias

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:48 AM

    Comment #8

    This boy will be a top, top class defender. Has real balance, poise, speed, strength. £2million quid, 22 years old, A bargain. Keegans judgement again, he knows a good player when he sees one.
    With Beye in, we now have the strongest back line I have seen in years. The foundations are down at last, maybe we can actually move forward now.

  • Dillon

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:50 AM

    Comment #9

    How can you think Taylor is better than Coloccini.

  • Tom_Toon

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:52 AM

    Comment #10

    What?!?!?! How long have you been on this blog?!?!? You’d see I openly slate Taylor a lot.

  • MattyDread

    Oct 23, 2008 at 11:56 AM

    Comment #11

    Very promising defender – very business like. I agree with Tom_Toon. Bassong and Collocini would be our best centre half pairing.

  • Born Again Geordie

    Oct 23, 2008 at 12:00 PM

    Comment #12

    Toon Graeme,

    Re: song

    Shall we sing Ba song for you ?
    Shall we sing Ba —song for you ?

    poor I know but it was the best I could come up with 🙂

  • Aggi

    Oct 23, 2008 at 12:03 PM

    Comment #13

    he is the bargain of the season in my opinion (or Zaki) in the premiership his strength and jostle is out of this world. i could see him as a captain in a couple of season once he speak english and has gotten the experience of the English football

  • Punk Skunk

    Oct 23, 2008 at 12:04 PM

    Comment #14

    Aye TT,
    Bassong has played really well so far…Very assured, relaxed & has an air of confidence that i like…Has just fit so well & deserves to play regularly imho!..
    …Ho’way Seb, keep it up, you’re doin’ excellent man!..

  • Tom_Toon

    Oct 23, 2008 at 12:06 PM

    Comment #15

    Aggi – Bassongs english is perfect, well, better than most scousers.

  • G

    Oct 23, 2008 at 12:16 PM

    Comment #16


  • briss

    Oct 23, 2008 at 3:55 PM

    Comment #17

    He is a solid performer. Hope he can stay like that because if we had all 4 of our defenders in monday we would have won. I’d still like to see enrique come in and play every now and again just to keep his young blood on his toes if he makes mistakes.

  • Tom_Toon

    Oct 23, 2008 at 4:00 PM

    Comment #18


  • michael

    Oct 23, 2008 at 9:16 PM

    Comment #19

    Like it G. very nineties.


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