Maradona Full Of Praise For Coloccini and Gutierrez

Newcastle United’s South American pair of center-back Fabricio Coloccini and winger Jonas Gutierrez have been paid a big tribute by their new Argentine manager, the great Diego Maradona.

Coloccini and Gutierrez – playing well for Newcastle United

Maradona, who will take charge of the Argentine team for the first time against Scotland at Hampden Park on November 19, is already convinced of Coloccini’s standards.

And Maradona has vowed to give Jonas Gutierrez a chance to prove himself against Scotland and in future friendlies as he talked about our two internationals:

“Colo demonstrated his ability at the Olympics in Beijing and could be an international central defender for Argentina for a long time,” “I spent a few days in China with our Olympic team and Coloccini was well established in that group.”

“On Jonas, I have to evaluate him more, but the fact he is in England could be a very important help to him.” “I have watched him a few times and he is one of the key players that I want to study in the next friendly matches. He is quick, and could be very valuable to the game we want to play.”

There are rumors that Maradona may attend the game at St. James’ Park, against Aston Villa tomorrow night to check on his two international players.

Don’t forget that Gutierrez has made a fantastic recovery from paralysis down the left side of his body to secure an unlikely career as a top footballer.

But if there’s one thing our two Argentines have it is fighting spirit, and the Newcastle fans seem pleased with both players, although Coloccini still has to settle down more, but he’s played great for us in the last 3 games, and seems a big game player.

The illness has given Jonas a good sense of perspective on the good lifestyle he now enjoys, as he told the Sunday Sun today:

“I love the life of being a footballer. I appreciate everything I have. I have come a long way,”

Coloccini could turn out to be a stalwart in Newcastle’s defense for years to come, and Jonas is on his way to being one of the most popular players at the club in years.

A couple of our really good buys in the summer, that’s for sure.