Willie McKay Gets Tough With Martin O’Neill

Newcastle United’s in-form central midfielder, Joey Barton, was defended yesterday by his agent, Willie Mackay.

Willie McKay – Barton made Villa midfielders look ordinary on Monday

Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor decided yesterday not to bring any charges against Joey Barton for allegedly using racial comments, but we think this was a huge mountain made out of a very small mole hill, and a decent decision by Gabby.

For this to get so much attention, there’s probably nothing else happening in the news this week, if the truth be told.

Willie said today:

“It’s a nonsense. Who do you think scored Newcastle’s two goals on Monday night? It was a black lad (Obafemi Martins) and Joey celebrated with him. Are those the actions of someone who would get caught up in something like this?”

“I think Martin O’Neill is peeved because his two England midfielders were made to look very ordinary by Joey on Monday night.”

A little bit hard on Martin O’Neill, who was obviously not happy that his team had been outplayed at the end by a resurgent Newcastle side, carried to victory in the last 20 minutes, by their fantastic supporters.

You can hardly expect the man to be delighted at losing, and Martin O’Neill is nothing, if not hugely competitive.

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