Stoke Will Be Difficult To Beat – Kinnear

Joe Kinnear has had Stoke watched this week, and he feels they will not be an easy team to beat tomorrow afternoon, at St. James’ Park.

Joe Kinnear – that fish was this big

Kinnear told the Evening Chronicle today:

“It’s not anything that’s new – I more or less invented it with Vinnie Jones. Vinnie could chuck it to the near post, so it’s not just happened overnight.”

“You’ve got to be brave enough to compete for it, and we’ve got the players to do that.” “It’s a little bit of a lottery, and you just hope you win the first header, as the second can go anywhere.”

“It’s something we have to deal with ourselves, and we will have to make sure we don’t give away throws in that area.” “Hopefully, we won’t have to worry about it, as we will have them on the back foot.

“If we they do, then we have got three or four players capable of dealing with aerial stuff.” “We won’t worry too much about it.”

Newcastle had Stoke City watched in their Carling Cup defeat to Derby County at Stoke last Tuesday night, but Joe Kinnear didn’t travel to that game because of some dodgy weather. Stoke were beaten by a last-minute penalty by the Championship side, when Nathan Ellington fired home the only goal of the game after 90 minutes.

But Kinnear is still wary of Stoke, who he thinks will still be a difficult team to beat tomorrow afternoon:

“They will be a difficult team to play against as they have their own style of play, and they’ve done very well.”

“The front two are a handful, they’re both over 6ft 2in, and have scored eight or nine goals between them, but we’ve got to concentrate on our own game.”

Stoke have indeed done very well, because there’s quite a gap between the Premier League and the Championship, and it’s always difficult in the first season for promoted teams.

But Stoke have done well so far, although they may still be struggling against relegation as the season progresses.

That’s something we hope Newcastle can avoid this season, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • HeronMag

    Dec 5, 2008 at 1:00 PM

    Comment #1

    Go on Joe, you and Vinnie take credit for it mate haha!

  • koko

    Dec 5, 2008 at 1:12 PM

    Comment #2

    Must focus on registration in the first half because it will facilitate the task and if we do not succeed in doing so, I think that the meeting will be very difficult


    Dec 5, 2008 at 1:14 PM

    Comment #3

    Got the wall 🙂

  • Karltoon

    Dec 5, 2008 at 1:18 PM

    Comment #4

    Im sure Joe’ll take the register in the changing facilities.. If that’s what you’re worried about.

    Could go either way tomorrow, or possibly be a draw

  • lesh

    Dec 5, 2008 at 1:23 PM

    Comment #5

    Let’s hope Joe’s not tempting fate!

  • steve

    Dec 5, 2008 at 1:29 PM

    Comment #6

    We should easily beat stoke at home – just need to guard against the long throws and surely that shouldn’t be that hard. There’s always been long throw specialists, we even had our very own steve watson who used to somersault when takingh throws back in the day

  • dickfan

    Dec 5, 2008 at 3:18 PM

    Comment #7


    “Could go either way tomorrow, or possibly be a draw”

    What an insight

  • Karltoon

    Dec 5, 2008 at 4:04 PM

    Comment #8


  • dickfan

    Dec 5, 2008 at 6:02 PM

    Comment #9


  • craig chisholm

    Dec 5, 2008 at 6:58 PM

    Comment #10

    jesus christ, if we cant beat stoke at home ffs we deserve to be relegated, we have chucked away far to many points at home this season – inc wigan in the last game. if we loose to stoke tomrw it means that out of the last two games at home we will have taken 1 out 6 points against relegation fodder teams – if nothing else this should stop jk carping on about how great he is all the time.

  • JoshNufc91

    Dec 5, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    Comment #11

    two ways to beat stoke
    1. get viduka to warm up infront of delap
    2. get guthrie to break delaps leg, he seems to be good at that
    or theres even a third!
    3. play some good attacking football for a f*cking change.

  • Vitorbarbosa

    Dec 6, 2008 at 7:02 AM

    Comment #12

    If we lose, it’s going to be very hard to take.

  • charlie

    Dec 6, 2008 at 10:26 AM

    Comment #13

    it will be hard to take, come on newcastle step up to the plate !!!


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