Ashley – Joe Kinnear Will Take Us Into Europe

Newcastle’s owner Mike Ashley has again insisted that manager Joe Kinnear will have the freedom, in next month’s transfer window, to bring in whatever players he wants.


Mike Ashley –  Joe will get money and it’s up to him who he brings in

That’s the good news today, and Kevin Keegan claimed he was never afforded that opportunity during the summer, so this may signal a change in direction by Newcastle, and it’s the right one.

The anger to Keegan’s second resignation at Newcastle United caused an almighty fan backlash against Ashley, who was literally forced to put the club up for sale.

Of course, Joe will not be given a lot of money to spend in January (not many clubs will spend much because of the world financial crisis), and Ashley says there will definitely be some news faces coming in before February rolls around.

Ashley still intends to sell Newcastle, but in these difficult economic times, he cannot find a buyer prepared to pay the £250M Newcastle will cost, at least not yet. He’ll be trying again in the summer, but the club is still up for sale right now.

Ashley told The Sun today when asked about which players would be coming in next month:

“It is up to Joe, we have signed him, it’s up to him,” “I’ve definitely got some money, although whether I will give it to him or not is another question.”

“Joe realizes that Newcastle don’t have a bottomless pit of money so he will be very careful with what he does.”

“If it’s a player that costs £30m then I can absolutely say, ‘I don’t think so’.”

“But will he able to get the players he wants to tinker with the team and change the balance? The answer’s yes.”

And Mike seems to gone daft, as he not only thinks we will stay up in the Premier League but the owner thinks Joe will take Newcastle into Europe next season.

Mike continued:

“We will stay up. Yes, definitely.” “Joe’s the man to do the job.”

“He’s my hero. Is he better than Capello? Definitely.”

“We are going to be in Europe by the end of the season!”

Well Fabio is a world class manager, so that statement is a little over the top, to say the least, but we like Joe Kinnear a lot, and we think he’s a good manager, and a real fighter that Newcastle fans are starting to take to, as he starts to win more games.  Certainly the players seem to love the guy.   😀

In Ashley’s eyes, Kinnear has done a great job, since he plucked him from the management wilderness in late September, and it’s proved an excellent move, in retrospect. Certainly Joe is starting to get the accolades in the popular press for the job he’s done under the most difficult of circumstances at Newcastle.

Joe has 15 points from 11 games, but any reasonable person will admit we could and probably should have had more points than that, with our performances. We have 3 wins, 2 defeats and 6 draws in those 11 games, but the team has been getting better, and the defense has vastly improved under Joe’s direction.

Add to that four of the players we brought in during the summer, Coloccini, Bassong, Guthrie and Guteirrez have all done great, and are first team starters. And we got the four of them for around £14M – not too shabby at all.

But we must not get carried away, like Mike, but the win on Sunday seems to have convinced many Geordie fans than we really have more than a decent team, now that Joe seems to be getting the very best out of all the players.

Let’s put some cold reality into this.   We have 19 points from 17 games right now, and are in 14th position, but just 6 points out of 7th place (Everton) and 8 points out of 6th place (Hull City). So what Mike says certainly isn’t impossible.

We need a win streak to get up that league, (over Christmas would be very nice) and then anything is possible.

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