RedKnapp Thinks Owen Will Sign For Newcastle

Harry Redknapp is giving some very interesting interviews before our game with Spurs at St. James’ Park tomorrow, and today he has said he thinks Michael Owen will sign for Newcastle United, rather than test the water in the January transfer window, when he would be able to talk to other interested clubs, one of which would probably be Spurs.


Owen – visiting Newcastle’s RVI  hospital  Thursday meeting with children

Redknapp is just one of many managers who are monitoring Michael Owen’s situation and if there is no agreement, he would be interested in trying to get Michael:

“He’s still got plenty of life and plenty of goals in him.”

“He will be a great free transfer for somebody if he doesn’t sign for Newcastle.”

“But I think there is every chance he will stay at Newcastle because it’s a great club.”

Joe Kinnear talked to Michael last Tuesday, and Joe thinks there is a 60-40 chance that Michael will stay on Tyneside, where he appears to be very happy with his young family.

Joe revealed he had asked Michael that if he could get a Newcastle contract that would more or less guarantee that Michael could finish his career at Newcastle, what would he think. And Michael told Joe that would be great.

It would be good news indeed if Michael reports he has signed the contract before tomorrow’s game, but we’ll not be greedy, and we are also prepared to wait. 😀

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  • Turkish Magpie

    Dec 20, 2008 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #1

    If your answers yes Michael, tell us just before 15:00 tomorrow, it will give a massive morale boost!

  • nightfall

    Dec 20, 2008 at 12:08 PM

    Comment #2

    what’s with harry…yesterday he said JK should get a a new contract, now that owen will sign… is he NUFC employee? i don’t care..he can take lambias job, but shut it…’till then…

  • neozero

    Dec 20, 2008 at 12:09 PM

    Comment #3

    hopefully he does before the game or even beginning of next week

  • Punk Skunk

    Dec 20, 2008 at 12:12 PM

    Comment #4

    ‘Michael scores the toon a goal-Hall-e-lujah’!..
    ‘Michael scores the toon a goal-Hall-e-lu-u-jah’!..

  • najikhin

    Dec 20, 2008 at 12:13 PM

    Comment #5

    just sign it owen!!
    we are your true fans!!

  • chris

    Dec 20, 2008 at 12:48 PM

    Comment #6

    no oowen sign for manchester city and dont sign a new contract at newcastle, city are your true fans if you come and u will be playing in europe and with robinho and plenty of more good players and in europe. WE NEED YOU MICHAEL OWEN.

  • Partizan

    Dec 20, 2008 at 1:12 PM

    Comment #7

    chris…..With the players you have in your squad and your position on the table i would be embarassed to show myself up.

  • Craig Futers

    Dec 20, 2008 at 6:31 PM

    Comment #8

    Regarding Chris’ comment, you can obviously tell he is too young to understand football


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