Kinnear – Shay’s Going Nowhere – Period

When we saw the statement released by Shay Given’s lawyer today, we already had Shay out of the club by the end of the month, and maybe not even in the team for tomorrow’s game.


Joe Kinnear – good words about Shay from the boss

But somebody who has much more authority on such matters, some may say “thank goodness”, namely our fiesty Irish manager Joe Kinnear, has come out today with all guns blazing.

Joe has insisted in no uncertain way that our world-class goalkeeper is in fact going nowhere, and will definitely start for Newcastle United tomorrow at the KC Stadium for his 460th appearance for the club.

Joe seems determined to correct the very messy situation that exists right now at Newcastle as he said today:

“Shay is contracted until 2011, he’s our player, and he’s going to stay our player,”   “It’s as simple as that.”

“He’s an integral part of the team and the best goalkeeper in the league. So why would we jeopardize our position? It wouldn’t make sense.”

“As far as I’m concerned he will stay our player. He trained very well today and he will definitely be in the team tomorrow.”

“With all the distractions, I’m focused on the football. We will keep every player we have got who will help us to stay in the Premier League.”

“We’re going to stay up and the fact is I am looking to add to the squad.”

Good words from Joe – no doubt about that.

But Given also pointed out clearly in the statement from his lawyer, that he signed the contract 18 months ago when he was assured the Tyneside club would be building a team that could challenge for honors.

But that’s hardly happened, to be fair to Shay.

At the very least we hope that Shay’s actions will force Kinnear, Wise and Ashley (we’ll not even mention Llambias) and especially Ashley, to clearly demonstrate to Shay Given and the Newcastle United fans, that he does indeed intend to build a strong side, by bringing in some more than decent players to Newcastle, over the next 30 days or so.

If Joe can do that with the help of Dennis Wise, then we’ll have some chance of keeping Michael Owen and Shay Given at the club come the summer.

But Ashley must start putting his words into action – and quickly.