Andy Carroll – My Braids Cushioned The Ball In

Andy Carroll has been at his local club, Newcastle United, since he was 11 years old, and the big news today is that he’s going to keep that braided hair cut, since he considers it lucky – in fact he said it was the braids that cushioned the ball home on Saturday in the 78th minute.  😀


Andy Carroll – braids cushioned that header into the net

Andy Carroll talked today aboput what is was like to score his first senior goal at the club:

“That was one of my all-time life dreams come true,”

“When the header went in I didn’t know what to do. I just jumped up, stuck my hand in the air and kept my emotions all in – but it meant a lot to me.”

“It was the best feeling in the world, something I will cherish all my life and something I have dreamed of since I was a little boy, but hopefully that is not it, I would love to get a few more.”

“I’ve taken loads of abuse about the haircut all week but it’s staying in now. Everyone was saying it was getting shaved off if I didn’t get a goal.”

“But it is now my lucky haircut so I will have to keep it and see how many goals I get with it.”

“If I had the braids taken out like the lads had said on Thursday and Friday it might not have gone in, but the braids cushioned the ball in.”

“I spent two and a half hours getting this done. It was long and too messy, I just wanted to do something different.”

“The lads wanted it taken out, but there was no way they were getting their way. It had to stay in even though I got so much stick.”

The braids cushioned the ball in – well that’s a good one for Andy to get back at his team mates with – and of course he’s probably right – he now has a new weapon to get those goals. 😀

Andy had his second good game for the club and the youngster looks a good bet for the future, but it’s only two games and we don’t want to get too carried away with the England Under-19 International.

But, at least for us the way Andy put that ball in the net, and made it look so easy and it was way out of goalkeeper Green’s reach, and  reminded us a little of how the great Alan Shearer used to nod them home, and Alan himself has said that he thought Andy looked good last Saturday.

Comparisons with Alan will be unfair at this stage of Andy’s career, but he watched Alan as a youngster and actually trained with the great one before Shearer retired back in 2006.

Andy continued:

“I grew up watching Shearer, I had a season ticket to watch him and he was just scoring goal after goal and was brilliant to watch as a kid.”

“Before Alan retired I had a training session with him and that was unbelievable, watching him close up just proved to me he was the best finisher ever.”

“He talked to me, pulled me aside and did some finishing with me, it was a big help.”

“It has been good to play alongside someone like Michael Owen as well. He talked to me throughout the game, kept my confidence up and kept the whole team going really.”

“Michael was directing me, telling me where to go and my confidence grew throughout the game. I’ll remember this game for the rest of my life. Hopefully this is only the start.”

“I know I still have improvements to make. I have a lot of things to work on, but every player does really and no one can say they are the finished article.”

” I am only 20 and I have to do a lot of work on scoring goals in training and that’s what I intend to do. I’ve had a taste of the first team and I want plenty more.”

As we mentioned yesterday if Alan wants to help the club out in any spare time he has, he could do a lot worse than coaching one or two training sessions for the youngsters and our strikers.

Whether he could give his friend Michael Owen any tips is debatable, but at least Andy would hang onto every word.

And the players would certainly welcome Alan at the training ground, and it would give everybody a lift, that’s for sure.

Andy looks a good one, but we have to be patient and give the lad time, and Andy himself must not get carried away – but he seems to have his feet firmly on the ground, and that’s good to see.

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