FA May Extend Loan Period Beyond 5:00 PM

There are reports coming in from Sky Sports and other sports news organizations, that the Premier League are negotiating with the FA and FIFA to extend the transfer deadline from 5:00 pm this evening.


This has probably come about because there are a number of clubs trying  to do several deals, which is difficult after a full round of Premier League matches over the weekend.

We wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cut-off time is put back a few hours , since that will help Newcastle get a number of deals completed.

Depending on what you are willing to believe we are in deals today for the following players:

  • Daniel Fox – Coventry City left back
  • Michael Johnson – Man City midfielder
  • Luis Garcia – Atletico Madrid winger
  • Miguel Veloso – Sporting Lisbon midfielder
  • Darren Bent – Tottenham striker
  • Albin Ebondo – Toulouse right-back

And there are even more players we are are said to be interested in, but the above seem the most likely to be true.

We will keep you posted if there is any change in the 5:00 pm deadline.