Viduka Has Little Chance Of New Contract On Tyneside

Mark Viduka has said many times he wants to finish his career at Newcastle, but there’s little chance he will still be at the club come August.


Mark Viduka – last season at Newcastle

Mark’s current deal runs out in the summer, and it would be a huge surprise if Newcastle take up their option of a third year on the player.

The reason is obvious – Mark is always injured and isn’t worth the £60K/week we pay him.

The good news is he didn’t cost us any transfer fee 18 months ago, when we signed him as a free agent, after his former club Middlesbrough refused to meet his wage demands.

Since than Mark has started only 20 games for Newcastle, yet it appears he still wants to be at the World Cup next year in South Africa, so we imagine some club will be willing to sign him on a one year deal until then, but not Newcastle.

Starting less than a third of Newcastle games isn’t who the club should be paying £60K a week to, surely.

At least we hope not, because we have far too many players who don’t earn their wages at the club and they also include Cacapa, Smith and Geremi.

We look to them to leave in the summer, so that the club can get a better handle on the wage bill, which is far too high right now.

Back just before Christmas Mark told The Evening Chronicle:

“I never had it in my head that I might be retiring and, for me, it would be ideal if I could play one more year here.”

“I love coming to work every day, especially when we win games.”

“Ideally, I would love to play another year for Newcastle, but if it’s not to be, it’s not to be.”

Mark – it’s not to be.

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  • ToonAce

    Feb 16, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    Comment #1

    Dukes is a good enough player when fit, but it’s definitely time for him to go along with Geremi, Smith, Cacapa, Duff and Owen and perhaps a couple more.
    We need don’t need players who earn top money just to keep our hospitals and rehab centres full!

  • Waldo P. Barnstormer

    Feb 16, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    Comment #2

    Viduka who is a very skillful player and if fit will be a key member in our survival but must be shown the door (or window) once the transfer merry go round starts again.

  • big boomer

    Feb 16, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    Comment #3

    if this is true its is great news. In the context of things all we are ;osing is our fifth choice striker so no big deal.

  • craig s chisholm

    Feb 16, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    Comment #4

    ED, this really is a no brainer, of course he is not getting his contract re-newed. he get a quarter of a million quid a month, has started just one game for us this season and has not scored any goals, oh and is 33 and will only get worse. bye bye viduka.

  • Little Willie

    Feb 16, 2009 at 1:37 PM

    Comment #5

    I can see a big change in our striker situation in the Summer, we’ve got far too many on our books for one thing which is the biggest drain our our wage structure.

    Owen, Viduka, Smith and Xisco to go with 2 coming in.

  • beyethegreat

    Feb 16, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    Comment #6

    Webchat: Derek Llambias interview

    The event is now live.
    Waiting for writer to provide content…
    12:32 Lee Ryder: Good afternoon to all readers

    12:33 Luke Edwards: Good afternoon

    12:34 Lee Ryder: Just to make it clear this is a discussion about the Llambias interview

    12:34 [Comment From toontoon]

    12:34 Matt McKenzie: Afternoon

    12:34 [Comment From Sam]
    afternoon lee

    12:34 [Comment From jack]
    good afternoon

    12:34 [Comment From James]
    good afternoon

    12:34 [Comment From Sam]
    and luke

    12:34 [Comment From Claud]
    good afternoon

    12:35 Matt McKenzie: Hello all, welcome to a special webchat – Luke and Lee are both here to discuss the Llambias interviews we ran last week in the Journal and Chron.

    12:36 [Comment From jack]
    in the course of the interview it was said that the price for milner was to good to refuse but that they valued him at £6 million. how did they value him so lowly ?did you follow up on his thinking

    12:36 Matt McKenzie: First question there from Jack. Over to you lads…

    12:37 [Comment From SK LEE]

    12:37 [Comment From filthy mag]
    Afternoon all.

    12:38 Luke Edwards: That was the initial valuation put on him by the club, so they asked Aston Villa for £12m, mistakingly thinking this would deter them. It didn’t, Milner decided he wanted to go, Keegan agreed thinking he was going to get a replacement, he didn’t and chaos began

    12:38 [Comment From bob parkins]
    why did all our activity in the transfer market look as thought it was all carried out in the last day

    12:38 Lee Ryder: Yes we did follow up this question and hence the answer about £12million price tag.

    12:41 Luke Edwards: We asked about this several times and were told each time that is wasn’t. They had organised Taylor and Nolan signings and also wanted Michael Johnson from day one, but issue was complicated, so they say, by City’s interest in Given. Tried for a swap deal involving Johnson/Onuoha and/or Elano biut City refused and then turned down a bid on the last day after Newcastle finally admitted defeat in attempt to hold on to Shay. Still looks as though it was done in a bit of a rush at the end as they should have just bid £8m for Johnson straight away

    12:41 [Comment From Adam Smith]
    did llambias make a good impression on you

    12:41 Lee Ryder: I think that the final day of the transfer window is the climax of a tough month, it is very much Last Chance Saloon for all clubs.
    But from my viewpoint I think they started work in the transfer window much earlier.
    However, in my humble opinion they were unrealistic with certain targets which cost them a lot of time early on.
    In fairness they did sign three players and they don’t seem to be the worst players in the world.

    12:42 Lee Ryder: He came across as I expected like a businessman.

    12:43 Luke Edwards: At times he was impressive in what he said, particularly in terms of the financial mess they inherited, but I wasn’t keen on his defence of the management structure, particularly when trying to defend their transfer record. There is a specialist recruitment team in place and, as I said during the interview, they had failed to do their jobs., most notably in taking until Jan to sign a full-back, Ryan Taylor to cover the right and left

    12:44 [Comment From Ron Grace]
    What were your feelings on the interview. Did you find what Mr.Llambias said believable?

    12:45 Lee Ryder: Only in the fullness of time will we see if they can walk the walk

    12:45 [Comment From Stardust]
    Luke – I have advocated for some time that Ashley has been a victim of circumstance, in trying to do the right thing – in appointing KK, he ended up getting hurst. The crowd subsequently turned on him for the previous decades of underperforming. You stated you were impressed by Llambias – on reflection – how do you feel the club is being ran

    12:45 Luke Edwards: I thought it was a useful exercise. As I’ve always said, you might not like the answers he gave, but he didn’t duck a question and at least we have open lines of communication now rather than just silence. I thought some of it was believable, others parts sounded like excuses, but at least it’s out there in the public domain now.

    12:46 [Comment From Brian]
    Good afternoon

    12:47 [Comment From jonny]
    good afternoon

    12:47 [Comment From furrygiblets]

    12:47 [Comment From Simon]
    Good morning. I mean, afternoon

    12:47 [Comment From beyethegreat]

    12:47 Matt McKenzie: While Luke’s answering, here’s one for you, Lee.

    12:47 [Comment From Andreas]
    Do you feel that the current administration has got a genuine plan for Newcastle? I mean, just a few weeks ago the club was up for sale. Did they really develop the business plans as they had decided to sell it, or have they just started?

    12:49 Luke Edwards: They have come into a new business under-prepared and with no experience. Unsurpisingly they have made major mistakes. The lack of due dilligence meant they had no idea how much finanancial trouble the club was in – their first and biggest blunder. They also failed to realise that, while football is a business, it is also part of the entertainment industry and requires a different level of public interaction.
    They still refuse to change a flawed management structure – another mistake in my opinion – but they have learnt from some of the blunders they have made. If they are true to their word, the club is financially secure again now – presuming they aren’t relegated – and the investment in new players should increase as a result. Only time will tell. I hope things are going to improve because the football club needs it

    12:49 [Comment From toontoon]
    guys.. .I want to know why Ashley won’t come out just once to speak to the fans. I know Derek said the board wants to keep a low profile, but surely the owner should address the fans directly at some point

    12:50 Luke Edwards: We have been told that, once the case with Kevin Keegan is settled, Mike will sit down with Lee and myself for an interview

    12:50 [Comment From James [dingo]]
    so….. what was Derek like face to face.. I mean how did he answer your questions? with confidence or was he flying by the seat of his pants… I have never seen address real people.

    12:51 [Comment From johnny]
    afternoon fellow mags

    12:51 [Comment From Leighton]
    good afternoon all

    12:51 [Comment From Stardust]

    12:51 [Comment From Stuart]
    Can you please detail the management structure at the club now, i still felt that it was unclear after the interview. Who has the final say on transfers and what exactly does the role of DOF involve?

    12:51 Luke Edwards: Confidently, although he did bristle at a few of them, particularly when we started to question his credentials for running a football club

    12:51 Lee Ryder: I think they have has to reassess certain things but the story they have told is one of ironing out the financial holes left behind by the old regime.
    I think they seem obsessed with youth development and getting good youngsters through the ranks both locally and globally.
    I think it takes a scouting network of more than three or four people to be the best in the world at that.
    Dennis Wise’s Air Miles must be doing canny if that is the case, not sure about his carbon footprint though.
    I take your point about them being up for sale a few weeks ago, but it looks like they were getting on with business anyway as they said they didn’t listen to one offer while the For Sale signs were up.
    I think it was all about Mike Ashley being upset at the protests and him eventually calming down.

    12:52 [Comment From Neil]
    Hello folks. I think I could’ve scripted what he was going to say and he got off far too easy. I am not really interested in the Keegan debate any longer simply because we can’t change any of it but surely emphasising on our disgraceful attempts in the transfer window should’ve been bigger on the discussion list.

    12:53 Luke Edwards: If you read my piece in The Journal which detailed the management structure you would know that Mike has given day-to-day control of the club to Derek, but retains the final say on anything and everything. Llambias runs the business side of things, Dennis Wise is in charge of player recruitment, but only has major say on young players for the Academy. He also carries out negotiations for players for the senior team – but according to Derek – only with say so of the manager, who gives him a list of the players he wants

    12:54 Lee Ryder: Neil, we asked plenty of questions on the transfers, the interview lasted 88 minutes and at no stage did anybody get off lightly.
    We asked the questions that were sent in by the fans and we probed them after each answer.
    We can’t answer for them.

    12:54 [Comment From Concerned toon fan]
    Lee/Luke – Can you understand why you’ve lost a lot of respect from Newcatsle fans about this “interview”? Some of Llambias’ answers were dreadful and were crying out for further probing, which doesn’t seem to have been the case. It feels like the Chronicle/Journal have sold out their journalistic integrity in the name of getting an exclusive. This doesn’t help the fans/your readers a bit, and has left us more annoyed than before.

    12:56 Matt McKenzie: As you’d imagine, there are loads of questions coming in and we’ll get to as many as we can. Obviously, I’ll publish as many comments as possible.

    12:56 [Comment From leAVY]
    to be honest i didnt rate milner and i feel her was right to let him go, but without gettin a replacement in thats just foolish

    12:57 [Comment From beye]
    thereplacement was meant to be schweinstegger

    12:57 [Comment From Nic]
    Especially the johnson move

    12:57 Luke Edwards: I’m sorry you feel that way, but you weren’t in the room and couldn’t see that we did challenge him on several answers – particularly on the transfer window and management structure. All we did was report his answers, present them to you and allowed you to judge them yourself. That was the purpose of the exercise. John Gibson and myself in The Journal then wrote opinion pieces with our criticisms and obervsations from the answers. If you don’t like the answers don’t blame us

    12:57 Lee Ryder: I’m cool about the critics – let them have their say.
    I know what I asked and probed and we published the answers.
    I’ve also had a lot of positive feedback as well from people in the “real world” as I don’t just spend my time in front of a computer screen.

    12:58 [Comment From Saffie_Toon]
    Do you personally believe in any of the promises made

    12:58 [Comment From leavy]
    why did we purchase a right back and a central midfielder without getting an attacking midfielder with a killer pass it doesnt make sense

    12:59 Luke Edwards: I’ll be very interested to see what happens in the summer – in terms of spending and management structure – that’s all I can say at this stage

    12:59 Matt McKenzie: I Lots of questions coming in on what you two made of the answers…summed up by the following….

    12:59 [Comment From]
    were you both satisfied with the answers you got or did the answers seen canned and generic?

    12:59 Luke Edwards: Johnson was supposed to be the attacking one I suppose. They thought they’d get him, didn’t, panicked and ridiculously went for Richardson

    1:01 Lee Ryder: If they’d said we are going to sign Kaka, Ronaldo and Raul and we are gunning for the league I would have still had to sit back and wait to see if it unfolded. My stance doesn’t change, they have to back their words with action.

    1:01 [Comment From Claud]
    why didnt you ask him if he was concerned at the amount of season ticket holder no renewing this summer?

    1:01 Luke Edwards: Some were better than others, of course they were, we had to remind him about the full-back failure and when we did, only really got a yes it was a failure response, but nothing more in terms of an explanation.
    Still not entirely convinced about management structure and I’d like to see that change. But the club was in a complete mess financially when they took over. We saw some of the figures and I dread to think what would have happened if they hadn’t come in. Oil-rich Arabs maybe!? Sorry that has probably depressed you again hasn’t it?!

    1:02 [Comment From Graeme]
    did they outline why they believe Joe Kinnear is the man to take Newcastle forward and why they think Aston Villa is what we should aspire to when we’ve been ahead of them most of the time in the premier league

    1:03 [Comment From sawdox]
    The most important part of NUFC are the fans and the overriding impression I got from Llambias is that he hasn’t got a clue as to what the fans feelings are.

    1:04 Luke Edwards: But you aren’t anymore are you. What he meant, basically, was that he wanted to do a Villa, build a good young team and challenge for a top four place without spending the sort of money Man City are splashing around!

    1:04 Lee Ryder: Claud – we asked them what they would say to fans who were thinking about NOT renewing their season tickets.
    They answered, that people should stick with their pland as there has been uglier football in the past years.
    Being around when Newcastle were dreadful in the old Second Division that much is true.
    But the word patience is a touchy subject on Tyneside after waiting since 1969 for a trophy and only tasting good quality football under KK and Robson since.

    1:04 [Comment From Canny Lad]
    Llambias says Mort will not be coming back. Do you feel he/MA believe that Mort was having some success in communicating with the fans? Do you feel they will make some changes to improve in this area?

    1:04 Luke Edwards: I think the communication thing will be the biggest improvement in the short term

    1:06 Lee Ryder: I think a figurehead that the fans know and trust is needed to come out and work with the public. Gibbo made a good point about Bobby Charlton at Man United the other day. Let’s be honest if Les Ferdinand had been handed the Dennis Wise role, we probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

    1:06 [Comment From Stuart]
    Can you now fully detail the management structure? who has the final say on transfers and does JK work under a different job description that KK?

    1:07 [Comment From MB]
    Lee – Exactly, but that shows their lack of understanding of the fans. That aint ever going to change.

    1:08 Matt McKenzie: Just to repeat, there are hundreds of questions coming in so nobody’s being blocked – the lads can only answer one at a time. We’ll get through as many as we can – as we’ll leave the webchat up in the archive for people to read back.

    1:08 Luke Edwards: Wise looks after young player recruitment and conducts negotiations, on behalf of Kinnear, for senior team. Whether this is different to Keegan we don’t know as they wouldn’t talk about Keegan and Wise situation as it is at the centre of ongoing legal dispute. KK is claiming he didn’t have overall control you see, club dispute his version of events.

    1:09 [Comment From sawdox]
    Lee – you say “in the fullness of time” – are you forgetting they’ve had 4 transfer windows. It’s not the supporters fault that they found a mess – they should’ve done due diligence. A football club can be run on debt as long as you manage it properly.

    1:09 [Comment From Marc]
    Hi, I didn’t notice it in the interview, did you ask Llambias why Kinnear got the job in the first place and who were and what was the credability of the other candaidates/applicants for the job?

    1:10 Lee Ryder: So are you saying Sawdox, that you are not going to give them time?

    1:10 Luke Edwards: Nobody else wanted it, we already knew that! They have since been impressed with how he’s done in the position but I’m still not sure he will be there next season

    1:11 Lee Ryder: When El Tel turns you down, you know you are in trouble.

    1:11 [Comment From Morty]
    Afternoon gents! You said that Llambias came accross as a businessman, how did he differ in comparison to other, more experienced chairmen that you’ve interviewed in the past? And did his positive view for the future of the club sound sincere?

    1:12 Luke Edwards: He was better than Freddie

    1:13 Luke Edwards: It did to an extent, but ultimately actions will always smother the sound of words

    1:13 Lee Ryder: Well Morty, I’ve dealt with Steve Wharton at Scunthorpe who was brilliant, Ken Hodcroft at Hartlepool who I can’t tell you about because he wanted to give all his stories to a paper in Darlington, Steve Gibson at Boro who actually delievered some success after 128 years and Freddy Shepherd who was hit and miss.

    1:13 [Comment From]
    The majority of the fans I have spoken to feel that the interview didn’t really provide any new information, just more of the same… we tried to sign such and such and failed, we are in a mess financially…. there seems to be no plan and it also seems they have learned nothing from previous transfer windows.

    1:14 [Comment From Harry Shingles]
    What colour shoes are best for a sunday stroll ?

    1:14 Matt McKenzie: A fine question, Mr Shingles.

    1:14 Lee Ryder: What’s that got to do with football?

    1:14 [Comment From Paul]
    what is your personal view on Micheal Owen? Do you think he will stay?

    1:15 Lee Ryder: It depends on who they sign during the month of June.

    1:15 [Comment From Marc]
    Thanks for your reply Luke, to my question about Kinnears appointment. I appreciate the general opinion is that nobody else but Kinnear wanted the job! But at the time, I seem to remember the club claimed there were some 30 or so applicants. Who were they, or was this just another example of the club making things up in their public announcements to keep the fans quiet and make the club look in a better state than it is?

    1:16 Luke Edwards: The plan has always been roughly the same to be fair. Stabalise debt, invest in Academy and hope benefits are eventually seen in the first team. It’s all very good and well saying that aim to be challenging for everything in five years time, but they will have to have the right manager in place and sign the right players to add to the ones they’ve already got. One thing to point out. If Mark Viduka, Michael Owen, Geremi and Cacapa leave at the end of the season Newcastle will save around £250,000-a-week in wages. A remarkable sum of money which I would expect to see reinvested in the first team.

    1:17 [Comment From Si]
    How is Joe Kinnear? Surely his family won’t be keen on him staying in this job? It is a little bit more pressure than say Luton…..

    1:17 [Comment From Cathal]
    Owen will not sign a new contract…I bet we are haggling with betty the tea lady over her contract for next season

    1:17 Lee Ryder: He came through the operation well according to the club

    1:17 Luke Edwards: I can’t remember the applicants thing Marc, that was before Keegan was appointed, not when he left

    1:17 [Comment From nufc18]
    lee/luke did llambias happen to mention who the targets in summer were going to be?

    1:17 Luke Edwards: Si, I don’t think he will come back, but I might be wrong

    1:18 [Comment From Pete (In Cyprus)]
    Did they say anything regarding new comings?

    1:18 Lee Ryder: Cathal, Les Ferdinand makes a good point in the Chron today that Owen has handed them an olive branch by not going in January, he has basically thown the gauntlet down to Ash by saying: “Get some players in”

    1:18 Luke Edwards: Again, if you had read The Journal Derek said they would be back in for all of their Jan transfer targets as well as other players the manager – whoever that is – identifies

    1:18 Lee Ryder: Yes, he did say that but in doing so only broadcasted to the world who is on our shortlist.

    1:18 [Comment From Marc]
    Thanks for clearing that up for me Luke.

    1:19 [Comment From Kevin]
    I’d say brown, Harry. That way the mud doesn’t show.

    1:19 [Comment From Pete (In Cyprus)]
    Will Mr Ashley spend money in the Summer or will it be the same as last season?

    1:20 [Comment From John]
    Until the board, ashley & co take ACTIONS – that gap between what these people say, what they do, and the fate of Newcastle United in in the air. My bets are next season will start – for NUFC with no Kinnear, No Owen and No hope

    1:20 Lee Ryder: Well he needs to Pete, but without the aid of a crystal ball we won’t know until the summer.
    They say they will but people don’t seem to believe it.

    1:20 Luke Edwards: My sums added up to at least £15m available from income from player sales, but Llambias said Mike would spend some of his own money as well.

    1:21 [Comment From Bully]
    Lads, if your interview with Llambias was so good, why did most of the other media outlets ignore it?

    1:21 Colin George: [Private Message to beye] Beye – we have recieved your question, however as we pointed out we have a large volume to get through. We will include it if we can. (Reply Privately)

    1:22 Lee Ryder: It was rewritten by a lot of media outlets and I took a lot of calls from journalists last week, this week the phoneline has been quiet.

    1:22 beye: [Private Message to Colin George] sorry

    1:22 [Comment From Graeme]
    will you publish the interview on a podcast – all 88mins – then we could hear how the interview went, if not, why not

    1:22 Luke Edwards: They didn’t, it was in every national newspaper, Sky Sports etc etc, it just got squeezed into smaller articles by news at Chelsea and England game.

    1:23 Lee Ryder: The club will not allow this. What do you think of that Graeme?

    1:23 [Comment From Graeme]
    sums it up

    1:23 Lee Ryder: Can you expand on that Graeme?

    1:23 Luke Edwards: Oh and you don’t want to know how many national journalists have asked the club for an interview with Llambias in the last few days?

    1:23 Matt McKenzie: I’m going to speak to the club about it again today, Graeme, to see if we can come to some sort of arrangement.

    1:24 [Comment From Stuart]
    Bully – the national media are as sick of NUFC as we are!

    1:24 [Comment From Graeme]
    sure – they are controlling and don’t care for the fans

    1:24 [Comment From Irish Toon]
    Lads, I believe you were on a hiding to nothing with the Llambias interview, but at least you had the balls to come on the webchat. In hindsight do you feel the interview was worth it

    1:25 [Comment From James Smith]
    15m in todays market is nothing do you not agree Luke?

    1:25 [Comment From Cathal]
    Newcastle United – the club of my dreams/nightmares

    1:25 [Comment From totsy]
    i enjoyed the interview by the way……..i hope that these interviews continue

    1:26 [Comment From Pete (In Cyprus)]
    Thanks Lee, I quite enjoyed reading your colume in the Journal & now glad that the board have decided to let a local paper run the stories instead of these national rags. At least the board are trying to put thing right with the fans even if some don’t like the replies they get to their questions, good on you mate!

    1:26 Lee Ryder: Irish Toon, it was a starting point. The club now have a platform and audience to air their plans.

    1:26 Luke Edwards: As long as Mike adds to it then it’s a decent amount of money still. £25m will be a big war chest in the current financial climate – but let’s just wait and see if he puts his monry where his mouth is or not. I’m not patting anyone on the back until I see them spend some cash

    1:26 [Comment From Craig]
    So lads- Do I keep my season ticket next season or not? What’s your gut feeling? Investment in new good players, new manager and a bright future or much of the same?

    1:27 Luke Edwards: Wait and see what happens in the summer, they won’t sell out before you make your mind up!

    1:27 [Comment From Canny Lad]
    When can we hope for Llambias to get out and meet the fans as Mort did?

    1:27 [Comment From Rob]
    Outside Newcastle, NUFC aren’t seen as a big club. The NATIONAL MEDIA just tune in for Episodes that increase our standing as a laughing stock. Were seen as a mediocre club with limited prospects – and 55,000 mugs who put up with it all year in, year out.

    1:27 Lee Ryder: My honest answer is that I would be going to the match on a match by match basis next season.
    The days of not being able to get a ticket for love nor money are long gone.

    1:28 [Comment From Irish Toon]
    By hiding to nothing I mean, you were never going to be able to ask everyone’s question and tehrefore would get slagged off because of this, but as you mention it ws an ice breaker and hopefully thing will get better, so thanks for that anyway

    1:28 [Comment From Graeme]
    we still don’t have direction, less now our manager is out for the season

    1:28 Luke Edwards: He will be at supporter panel meetings and fans should contact the club to get an invite. A limited number of places are available, but NUSC have been invited to send someone, as has Michael Martin from the True Faith fanzine, Martin Jensen from The Mag and so on

    1:28 Lee Ryder: Rob, I disagree, in mixed zones up and down the country most opposing journalists want to interview OUR players more than there own.

    1:29 Colin George: For anyone who came in late, we’ve had hundreds of questions and comments but we will try to publish as many as possible.

    1:29 [Comment From Adam Curry]
    does llambias think that kinnear is the man to take this club forward in the long run? has he really been offered a contract beyond the summer?!

    1:30 [Comment From Michael]
    What was you two lads opinion on the bashing Lambias gave to the NUSC, subscription charge comments etc when the club have not only got NUFC TV subscription, membership subscription amongst the other previously available subscription charges

    1:30 Lee Ryder: Cheers Cuddy Club, yes he has been offered a contract and they said before JK’s health scare that he was the man to take them forward.

    1:30 [Comment From Craig]
    Lee – I think if the club invested serious cash in the summer,we had a good popular manager and a good start I think we would start selling out again. That’s what makes if a special club in my opinion

    1:30 Luke Edwards: It’s been offered but unsigned. I’m not sure it ever will be. In my humble opinion and this isn’t anything that has been said to me directly, but I reckon a new manager will arrive in the summer as Joe hadn’t intended to stay beyond the end of the season even before his health problems

    1:31 [Comment From totsy]
    why do all these people want a new manager??..the last thing we need is another change around

    1:31 [Comment From tino]
    do you think the relationship your paper want with the club meant many of the questions were softened so the club didnt have an adverse reaction to future interviews

    1:31 [Comment From sawdox]
    Gus Poyet then Luke? Great!!

    1:32 Luke Edwards: It was a little un-necessary to say that about NUSC but I think they have been upset by, as they perceive it, the fact NUSC are a new organisation and are pushing for greater access and power than other fan groups.

    1:32 [Comment From Pete (In Cyprus)]
    I for one paid the subscription charged by NUSC & don’t mind doing so as long as it goes toward getting something sorted with the TOON 🙂

    1:32 [Comment From Nick]
    A new manager is wanted because Kinnear is hopeless and a football dinosaur. He couldnt get a job for 4 years for a reason….

    1:32 Luke Edwards: Steve Bruce sawdox

    1:32 [Comment From Graeme]
    we need the right manager for the job, to take us forward and challenge – Joe Kinnear is not that man in my opinion

    1:33 [Comment From Jamie]
    totsy – we need to keep one manager and we need to keep them for a decade at least… But Kinnear is not that man.

    1:33 [Comment From Richy]
    Steve Bruce? Why would he leave Wigan?

    1:33 [Comment From Cathal]
    I dont think Steve Bruce is the man either

    1:33 [Comment From Aaron]
    Black. Every time.

    1:33 Luke Edwards: We did say that the majority of fans didn’t think Joe was the right man for the job Graeme

    1:33 [Comment From Rich]
    Roberto Martinez for me

    1:33 [Comment From Irish Toon]
    Martinez from Swansea

    1:33 [Comment From Stuart]
    Steve Bruce should be appointed now! He would dra us out of this mess nd take the club forward. More importantly he understands the club and city.

    1:34 [Comment From totsy]
    nick: kinnear was the only guy with the guts to take the club on at the time and i think he should be rewarded for his effort…if we do get a manager btw it musn’t be steve bruce

    1:34 Luke Edwards: Steve Bruce would leave Wigan tomorrow if the Newcastle job was offered to him ..

    1:34 Lee Ryder: I agree.

    1:34 [Comment From Graeme]
    we need someone who can attract the right players for the club – we don’t have that figurehead.

    1:34 [Comment From sawdox]
    If we got Martinez then mebbe we could sign some Spanish players!!

    1:34 Luke Edwards: Martinez?! interesting, however Sven for me everytime

    1:34 Lee Ryder: He’s gagging for it man.

    1:34 [Comment From Richy]
    The job was offered to Bruce in the past and he turned it down.

    1:34 Luke Edwards: That was then and this is now

    1:34 Lee Ryder: Slaven Bilic for me though

    1:34 [Comment From Alix Goddard]
    Steve Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1:35 [Comment From totsy]
    i agree luke i would love sven at the club

    1:35 [Comment From Michael]
    Roberto Martinez id like, whether hes had enough top flight experience yet not sure, however Bruce and whoever hes working with is bringing in some top players.

    1:35 [Comment From furrygiblets]
    Sven likes his transfer money though

    1:35 Luke Edwards: Bring back Titus

    1:35 [Comment From Cathal]
    Brucey is a red.. hate all his black n white blood etc when we play his teams

    1:35 [Comment From toony]
    Sven has the charisma of a shed,,id go for Bruce

    1:35 Lee Ryder: He could do a Chronicle column now

    1:36 [Comment From totsy]
    if we get a decent manager in im confident mike will back him with the cach

    1:36 Luke Edwards: Yeah now a certain someone has left

    1:36 [Comment From Stu]
    I think it has to be Martinez so the structure can work, luke and Lee get onto Llambias and tell him

    1:36 Lee Ryder: I will be drinking with Nicky Butt in the Seine Boat next

    1:36 [Comment From Rich]
    We need a manager with hunger that will rub off on the players. Moyes had no top flight experience when he went to everton and look where they are now

    1:37 Lee Ryder: Slaven Bilic, Rich.

    1:37 Luke Edwards: We’re having another chat with him soon and will certainly keep on asking the things you want answers to. The pressure must be kept up on them and there must be accountability for their decisions

    1:38 [Comment From Adam Curry]
    martinez does not have the experiance, he gets a draw with a rubbish PL team and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon ffs

    1:38 Lee Ryder: Good point Adam Curry

    1:38 Matt McKenzie: Right everyone, that’s about all we’ve got time for today.

    Any final points, Luke and Lee?

    1:39 Luke Edwards: Yeah you bunch of bandwagon jumpers! Whatever happened to Hitzfeld’s bandwagon now that he’s fiddling with cuckoo clocks and chocoloate in Switzerland

    1:39 [Comment From Cathal]
    Thanks guys – Toon til I die

    1:39 Luke Edwards: chocolate, sorry

    1:39 [Comment From Adam Curry]
    see yas later lads

    1:39 Lee Ryder: Just wanted to thank people for turning up.
    All the best folks

    1:39 [Comment From James [dingo]]
    cheers lads

    1:39 Luke Edwards: Speak again soon

    1:39 [Comment From totsy]
    cheers lad enjoyed this….would like this more often

    1:39 [Comment From geordie jock]
    Excellant do it again please

    1:40 [Comment From totsy]
    i just want the fans to be heard and answered. we need the club to break the silence

    1:40 [Comment From Michael]

    1:40 [Comment From Tom]

    1:40 [Comment From filthy mag]
    Thanks Guys

    1:40 [Comment From Carl]
    See you

    1:40 [Comment From Jamie]
    Cheers you 2

    1:40 [Comment From John]
    Missing you already

    1:40 [Comment From mcshane]
    mwah xxx

    1:40 [Comment From Pete (In Cyprus)]
    Ask about a TV station for the TOON!! 🙂

    1:40 [Comment From Graeme]

    1:40 [Comment From]
    and its goodbye from him

    1:40 Luke Edwards: Babestation?!

    1:40 [Comment From Canny Lad]
    Thanks all.

    1:40 [Comment From nicky butttt]

    1:41 [Comment From totsy]

    1:41 Luke Edwards: Right, I’m really off now, it’s lunchtime

    1:41 [Comment From Tim]

    1:41 [Comment From nicky butttt]
    thanks lee and luke

    1:42 [Comment From Jon]
    See ya

    1:42 [Comment From Eric]

    1:42 [Comment From furrygiblets]

    1:42 [Comment From Mike]
    Goodbye everyone

    1:42 [Comment From Will]
    If I switched on to Babestation and saw two bald-headed blokes, I’d be asking for my money back sharpish

  • Worjackie

    Feb 16, 2009 at 2:07 PM

    Comment #7

    Owen, Viduka, Smith and Xisco to go with 2 coming in.

    You don’t really think 4 strikers is enough strikers in this day and age do you!

    Same old same old, some people will never learn

  • Whumpie

    Feb 16, 2009 at 2:20 PM

    Comment #8

    So that’s unanimous, then…


    (If only we could do some mind-meld stuff and get Viduka’s ability to hold the ball implanted into Carroll or Shola)

  • Nenad

    Feb 16, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Comment #9

    Sell him to Boro!

  • Bill F

    Feb 16, 2009 at 3:20 PM

    Comment #10

    He was on borrowed time when he came to us, was never a good buy. Despite his odd good game.

  • ronaldeano

    Feb 16, 2009 at 3:35 PM

    Comment #11

    Old droopy face would take him to spurs 😉

  • LoonyToon @ graft

    Feb 16, 2009 at 3:37 PM

    Comment #12

    Give him a pay as you play contract….may get him out the treatment room a little…..

    no other club is going to give him anywhere near 60k a week due to the financial climate and his injury record….

    Very good player on his day….if he was fit, I would have him leading our line no problem….one thing is for sure, when the ball is played up to him, it dont come back like a bloody boomerang

  • Born Again Geordie

    Feb 16, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    Comment #13


    he would deffo if only he had played for them earlier in his career !!! lol 🙂

  • pk08

    Feb 16, 2009 at 4:39 PM

    Comment #14

    i agree with loony toon, still a very good link man, if you can get him on pay as you play, or down to something like 20k id keep him.

  • Toon_Factor

    Feb 16, 2009 at 9:34 PM

    Comment #15

    Viduka= Pay as you play next season or nothing

  • The Real Entertainers

    Feb 17, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    Comment #16

    Shame, when fit still one of the best big man strikers out there.


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