Hughton Liking It Much More The Second Time Around

It’s probably not too surprising when Chris Hughton, in charge of Newcastle for the second time this season, seems to be enjoying the experience more, the second time around.


Chris Hughton – liking it in charge of Magpies the second time around

Things right now are no longer in complete upheaval at Newcastle, that they were immediately after Kevin Keegan left the club, for a second time, and it would have been difficult for anybody to have brought the team around quickly, after losing their manager so abruptly.

And this time Chris also has good support from Colin Calderwood, who of course has first-hand management experience at Nottingham Forest, and as we heard earlier today, seems to be just loving it on Tyneside.

Chris said today:

“I am enjoying it more because we have been able to pick up a couple of decent results.”

“They are the things that disappoint you more than anything. The workings of the week are no different to before.”

“My involvement is no different to before, but at the end of it, it is more pleasing when you are able to get some results.”

Managing Director Derek Llambias, speaking in the last couple of weeks about 20 times more than he has in the last 6 months (which is good), confirmed that Chris and Colin will indeed remain in charge until Kinnear returns – estimated to be sometime in early April, if they can keep Joe away that long.

That, quite rightly, represents a significant vote of confidence in Hughton as the Newcastle club continues its battle for survival in the Premier League, and certainly the players seem to have every confidence in Chris and Colin.

Chris continued:

“It is pleasing, but that’s probably just a mark of where we are at the moment.”

“The window has finished, we are on the back of a few decent results and what they have sensed is that things have settled down a little bit.”

“Amongst all of that, they have felt there was no need to change things.”

“But the important thing is that we have still got to pick up results, that’s the most important thing.”

A win at Bolton, while it would not make us safe in the Premier League could start to bring real confidence back to the squad, and we must have a great chance of survival with a win against fellow relegation candidates, Bolton Wanderers.

Kinnear is still having input, as we reported this morning, and it’s over the telephone, and he’s also watching the matches live on television.

But if Newcastle are not doing well, we’re not sure that will be too good for him, given he’s supposed to be relaxing without any stress. Watching Newcastle is always stressful, even when they’re winning. 😀

Chris added:

“I can imagine Joe getting very excited and very agitated watching the games – but you would expect nothing different from Joe.”

But there are some great performances coming from the Newcastle squad, not least of which are two of our younger players in Jose Enrique and Sebastien Bassong.  Bassong was our Man of the Match on Sunday, in our poll, and Jose Enrique was not too far behind.

Both gave valiant and skillful performances at the back, when Newcastle were under pressure in the final 45 minutes, being down to just 10 men, after Kevin Nolan had been sent off just before the break.   That is the stuff that great players are made of.

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  • Toony Soprano

    Feb 27, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    Comment #1

    We are seeing some good performances at the moment .The lads at the back look to be growing in confidence and have a bit of resilience.

    Bassong is the find of the season

    The much maligned Steve Taylor and Jose Enrique are playing much better. Tayls was MOTM for me against Everton and Enrique easily against the Makems.

    Ryan Taylor looks steady, he’s not Maldini but can deliver a set piece and cross too.

    We could do with getting some midfielders fit and playing. Need a performance from Smithy tomorrow.

    Tayls Colo Bass Jose
    R Tayls Butt Smith Jonas
    Carrol Oba

    Bench: Krull, Duff, Ron Geremi, Duke , Cascapa, Shola, lovencrands

  • waddler

    Feb 27, 2009 at 9:23 PM

    Comment #2

    Enrique looks to be a player in the making as his confidence improves, he still needs to work hard on his positioning when in his penalty box as he does go missing and alows players to dominate the left corner of the six yard box.
    Bassong looks like a full French international now and will probably become our captain in 2-3 years time, i’m expecting Nolan or Beye to hold that honour next year.
    Yes if we can get 6-7 coming through from the youth set up we will really be in business.

  • pk08

    Feb 27, 2009 at 10:13 PM

    Comment #3

    ‘that great players are made of’, such sensational tabloid rubbish. gah…………


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