Habib Beye Just The Player To Turn Things Around At Newcastle

Many Newcastle fans are happy to see Habib Beye back in the fray, since the team has missed the skills of the Senegalese International, not to mention his vast experiences and leadership, over these last three months.


Habib Beye – great to have this player back

Chris Hughton is not surprisingly delighted he can cnow all on the former Marseilles captain’s  experience after he returned on Saturday against Arsenal, and looked as good as eve as far as we could see.

Chris told the Evening Chronicle:

“He’s come through OK.” “He’s a good individual.”

“With the experience that he’s got, it was a judgement call on whether to start with him or not.”

“He’s a player who has been out for a long time. To bring him into a game of that intensity from the start wouldn’t have been right.”

“What has happened is that he’s ended up getting a fair amount of time, and that will do him the world of good for the Chelsea game.”

“Steven Taylor’s done well for us in what isn’t his natural position.” “Where he wants to play is centre half, but the important thing for us is to get bodies back.”

Habib is a leader at the club, and that’s what we’ve missed in the last tough two months, where the lads have not done too well in winning just one game in their last 14.

But if we are to stay up that has to change, and change quickly, and Habib is just the type of player and character we need in the side to start turning things around.

It’s interesting in our poll for the best captain for next season, Habib is currently second with 13% of the vote behind Kevin Nolan on 52%  of the vote.  About 1490 have so far voted and the poll is still active, if you haven’t yet registered your vote.

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