Newcastle Players Must Stand Up – Or Be Relegated

It’s more than surprising that Mike Ashley has turned to Alan Shearer in a bid to save the club from a disastrous relegation, but even that move may have been made too late.


Alan Shearer – even Alan may not be able to do it

Alan was asked this morning whether he could have believed he would be in charge of Newcastle this season, and he told the Evening Chronicle:

“No, I couldn’t have imagined it if you had said it to me back then.”

“I couldn’t have imagined the change, but I’m looking forward to watching the game from the dug-out this time, and hopefully we’ll get the right result as well.”

Shearer tried to rally the players before the Chelsea game, but as soon as they let in the first goal, due to a bad mistake from Coloccini, the Newcastle team folded. Indeed, now Coloccini may have to play on Saturday after all, due to the injuries to Steven Taylor and Jose Enrique.

In the end it was a fairly easy win for Chelsea on Saturday, and they were just streets ahead of Newcastle as far as their skills.

With the injuries we’ve just sustained it must now be extra difficult for the lads to get a good result on Saturday, and if we fail to produce again, we could well find ourselves adrift of the 4th bottom team, whoever the may be after the weekend games.

Alan continued:

“There is always a great atmosphere down at Stoke, but our fans can be a big help to the team on the day.”  “I know just how great our away support can be.”

“Whenever I played, we always had thousands traveling to watch us, getting right behind us and making as much noise as they could.”

“I’ve seen some great away supports for Newcastle down the years and we need them again on Saturday. I know they will give us all the help they can at Stoke.”

“The experience of senior players will be very important. Experience, desire, commitment, these are the things we need and not just on Saturday.”

“Having lads who have been around and have played in lots of big games will be so important to us.”

The Geordie fans though can only do so much, and if there’s no fire and brimstone being shown on the field of play, we’ll not get anything out of the Stoke game, and we’ll then be in really big trouble.

It’s up to the Newcastle players to start producing big time, otherwise this squad will go down and be the most inept squad ever in the history of Newcastle United in the Premier League.

How a squad that must be about the 3rd most expensive in the league (£73M is the yearly wage bill), can end up 3rd bottom is beyond us – perhaps the players have an answer to that – because we don’t.

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  • spiderpig

    Apr 9, 2009 at 2:45 PM

    Comment #1

    injuries and walkouts and lack of leadership ed.wages have nowt to do with it.

  • ian

    Apr 9, 2009 at 3:24 PM

    Comment #2

    Very easy, as I said when it happened, wrong to let Milner and Nzogbia go, wrong not to sell Owen last Summer and bring in Cisse, wrong to not sell Carroll and get in someone such as Jason Roberts in case we slip toward relegation without a striker.

    We should have put Lua Lua in midfield, Edgar in left back then spent any budget we had strengthening the defense preferably with a proven flexible player who could play more than one position and a proven goalscoring central midfielder.

    But we didnt, we had a bunch of people that seemed to think they could sell any player and the whole job would still stack up.

    It is very easy to say where we went wrong and I did say these things at the time so I am not being smart after the event, what is difficult is the way forward.

    I think we have to play Martins and Carroll upfront then swap Carroll and Owen for the second half, if it works do it every game so Owen is on full energy every moment he is on the pitch. We need Lua Lua and Guthrie in central midfield with Duff and Jonas on the wing, we will put our best defense out I cant see him altering that but maybe Edgar should get a few minutes out and if he is better make him first choice for the rest of the season.

  • Sav

    Apr 10, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    Comment #3

    That’d be a very weak midfield, Ian.
    Keegan won games with owen withdrawn behind a front 2. Granted, the 2 were usually Viduka and Martins, not Carroll and Martins. But for some reason best known to thosewho have taken over, it hasn’t been tried since.


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