Carroll Still Has A Lot Of Learning To Do – Shearer

Alan Shearer has talked about Andy Carroll’s potential this morning, and while he says Andy reminds him of big Duncan Ferguson, Alan says Andy still has a long way to go to be as good as Big Dunc.


Duncan Ferguson – while at Newcastle from 1998-2000

Of course Duncan Ferguson was bought by Ruud Gullit to form an awesome up-front partnership with Alan Sharer, although because of Ferguson’s poor injury record, they didn’t get to play together as much as they would have both liked, and eventually Ferguson was moved on.

He was at the club from 1998 until 2000, when Bobby Robson moved him on because he just wasn’t playing enough games for the side.

Alan compared Duncan and Andy this morning:

“Because of Andy’s size and the aggression with the heading ability, probably that is why people have compared him to Duncan,”

“On his day big Dunc was unplayable. Andy has a long way to go.” “We know that, but he is giving himself and us a chance. I asked the players on the fringes to go out and prove they want to start.”

“On the field Big Dunc could be unstoppable. I know that having played with him.” “He’s big, quick, aggressive, good touch. Andy has got all those attributes.”

“However, I wouldn’t want to compare him with Dunc just yet, I certainly don’t want him kicking my door down.”

Andy Carroll has been an up-and-coming star at Newcastle for a long time now, and Andy was prominent when the Newcastle Under-18 side reached the semi-finals of the FA Youth Cup a few years back.

But it’s important that Andy not get carried away with his own success, and the coaching staff have done well to keep Andy’s feet firmly on the ground. Andy for his part has kept his head down and worked hard, and that’s what he’s been doing these last few seasons, and only yesterday Shearer said the lad’s attitude this week has been fantastic in training.

Alan continued:

“He is a talent. He has a long way to go, without a doubt. He would tell you that himself.”

“If we can help him and guide him, ask him to do one or two things differently that he has not been asked before, hopefully he will get us some goals to help us out of trouble.”

“I have watched the header (against Stoke) one or two times. It was a magnificent header, a great header. He excites me, but we have got center forwards and we have to provide them with the ammunition.

“Andy is a tough character. He seems shy at times. “It is hard to believe that he is 6ft 3 ins and shy, especially when I saw that haircut he had a few weeks ago. I think he is enjoying working with us and vice versa.”

Andy is surely in the right hands now, and since Alan arrived at the club, Andy seems to have been completely inspired by his local hero, and we expect a start and another good performance from the lad in London tomorrow.

Whether he can get us more goals is not known, but Andy will give his all tomorrow for his home-town club, we can be sure of that.

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