Nile Ranger Back On Track At Newcastle

When Newcastle United quietly signed then 17 year-old Nile Ranger in August, from Southampton, we were well aware the youngster had some problems down south.


Nile Ranger – doing great on and off the field at Newcastle

Nile Ranger has had a great first season on Tyneside and only recently signed a new improved three and a half year deal at the Tyneside club, and Alan Shearer has him training every day with the first team.

He has also recently been capped for the England Under-19 side, and looks destined for great things ahead.

But when he left Southampton, it was probably not of his own free will, as it seemed like Southampton wanted to unload him.

Nile had done some bad things down there, had a bad reputation,  and had only recently been released from a Young Offenders’ Institute, after he had served 11 weeks for his part in a street robbery.

At that time, of course, Joey Barton happened to be in jail, so as a supporter of the club, it wouldn’t have been too appropriate we felt, to blast this news around about Nile.

Things were kept quiet and Richard Money took the lad under his wing, and lo and behold, it seems that Nile is a new man on Tyneside.

The youngster seems completely over the moon by being at a club with such a rich history, and such fabulous fan support, and where it seems he is very well taken care of, both on and off the field.

We have to give great credit to Richard Money and the Academy staff for this turnaround from Nile, and of course to the lad himself.

Nile talked to the Sunday Telegraph last weekend:

“Coming up here has completely changed my life,”  “I have changed. I realize now what an amazing opportunity this club has given me.”

“I don’t even want to think what might have happened to me if I hadn’t come to Newcastle. I’m just so grateful for that.”

“The change of atmosphere did me loads of good. I went into digs up here and I was away from the old faces, the old problems.”

With Alan Shearer now the youngster’s manager, he could hardly have anyone better to bring the best out of him, both as a footballer and as a person and professional.

He’ll also learn all about the club from Alan, no doubt.

Seems like Nile is counting his lucky stars that he signed for Newcastle, and it’s certainly been a win-win for both Nile and Newcastle United.

We look forward to the goals ahead this youngster is destined to score for the club, and it’s really great to know that Nile has got his young life back on track.

Keep it up Nile!

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    “………we were well aware the youngster had some problems down south..”

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    …cheers beatski.

    I use Firefox but wasn’t aware of that add-on. Nice one 🙂

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    Singapore Fans still support Newcastle United all the way!

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