Shearer And Dowie Hoping Hull And Sunderland Lose

Newcastle are at the point this season if Hull and Sunderland start winning any of their final 3 games, heaven forbid, we could be doomed, whatever we do ourselves, which hasn’t been much these last 10 games.


Dowie and Shearer – have to rely on other teams losing  

Iain Dowie watched Hull’s defeat at Aston Villa on Monday night 1-0, after watching his side well beaten at Liverpool the previous afternoon.

So Hull City had a great chance to put more than the 3 points between themselves and Newcastle, but they failed to do that on the night.

Iain Dowie talked today about the Hull game last Monday:

“Did it give us all a lift? Very much so. We don’t like to be relying on what everyone else is doing – we should be able to get ourselves out of trouble – but it is still a bonus.”

“The Hull game was interesting because it put where we are into perspective.”  “Neither of those teams had as much quality as Liverpool, which I said to Alan afterwards.”

“So we cannot let ourselves get too down about the Liverpool result.”   

We will have to hope today that both Hull City, at home to Stoke City, and Sunderland, away at Bolton Wanderers, don’t get too much out of their games, but two wins could all but bury our chances for the season.

The lads will be out training this morning, and then Shearer will be in his office at the training ground watching for the results and progress on those two games.

That’s hardly a good position for our club to be in, when the outcome of our relegation battle with 3 games to go is out of our hands. That’s what happens when you get 4 points out of your last 10 games.

Whaever happens today, tp ahve any chance of surviving Newcastle need to win their next two home games, and failure to produce the goods – again – will no doubt take us down.

And we’ll deserve it if we cannot beat Middlesbrough and Fulham at home, in front of a capacity crowd.

Alan said today:

“Psychologically it would be fantastic if we were three points behind. It would be a huge benefit,”

“Six points is a heck of a lot more than three point, so you know what we want. We are hoping and praying Bolton and Stoke can do us a favour and we will have our fingers crossed.”

“We are training this morning. In the afternoon I will be sat with the Teletext watching the results come through like everyone else. I won’t be going to walk the dog!”  

We’ll just have to hope for the best – as we always do.

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