Press Leaks Don’t Come From Well-Run Clubs

Apparently the Newcastle squad was disappointed Alan Shearer’s new code of  conduct was leaked to the gossip press.


Alan Shearer – new code of conduct leaked
We’d really like to know who leaked the news to the press, and we did understand after the leak, that Shearer was trying to ascertain who did it.

The former Bolton midfielder Kevin Nolan talked about it to the Daily Telegraph today:

“That shouldn’t happen. If you’re a good club, nothing comes out of the dressing room. I think it’s something the gaffer will sort out in time. It’s something that needs to be addressed because more stuff comes out of this club than most others.”

“It’s one thing that lets us down more than anything. It’s up to us as staff and players to get that right because if we want to be successful that’s a major part of it – being close and together as a group.”

“He (Shearer) doesn’t want people laughing at this club. He doesn’t want to switch on the telly and keep seeing ‘Breaking News from St James’ Park!’ He wants to get Newcastle away from that and put them alongside the likes of Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool in the way we do things.”

“I remember something came out at Liverpool not long ago about the American owners and no-one at the club could believe it had got out because that kind of thing is always kept in-house. I think Alan will strive to get that here.”

There’s little doubt from what we’ve seen of Alan Shearer in action, that he will become a first class manager, and he will clean up things at Newcastle United very quickly.

We had never fully realized he is a student of the game, and wants to learn as much as possible about management.

Hey – we may even become successful again, but first things first, and we need a big win against Fulham this afternoon – that’s job number one right now – and the only thing that matters.

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  • Sav

    May 16, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    Comment #1

    Good article – I couldn’t agree more, although I’d add that the only people who were likely to be embarrassed by the Timekeeping leak was Joe Kinnear and those who appointed him. Al shrugged off exaggerated claims of schoolboy rules and dictatorial regimes. tbh, its good to hear that steps are now being taken, along with the plan to retain injured players on campus until 4pm every day. Proper order.
    Of the Joey Barton row being leaked, that is more serious. I doubt it was Joey, and I know it wouldn’t be Shearer. The mole needs weeding out. But still, it seems the manager dealt well with it.
    Don’t cockey mafia do omerta?

    Of the Joey Barton

  • Greg B

    May 16, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    Comment #2

    I think people could jump to the conclusion hat the ‘mole’ is a disgruntled senior player, and none are more disgruntled that Barton at the minute.
    However, I agree with Sav, I dont think its Barton.

    More likley one of the yongsters with their myspace and facebook blogs, hearing from one of the fringe players at a reserve match and blowing the whole thing out of proportion, Chinese whispers……

    Anyone under contract should not be ‘blogging’ IMO, that sweet 18 year old blonde flirting about the internet is more likley some big hairy arsed 2 bob journo.
    You would be surprised how many of these youth players have blogs, and adding ‘friends’ that they dont even know, particularly young bits of skirt… absolute knackers if you ask me.

  • Tom_Toon

    May 17, 2009 at 2:16 AM

    Comment #3



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