Solidarity, Harmony Major Requirements At New Newcastle

While Newcastle fans are being held in limbo as the financial guys at the club see how they can accommodate Alan Shearer, let’s take a little look forward.


Alan Shearer – new manager, voice and image of Newcastle United?


It will certainly be better than looking back – which has been so depressing for most of us this week, and the only respite we’ve had on this blog  is by bashing Michael Owen every day.

During the Shearer meetings this week some progress will have been made because Alan will have indicated which players will leave, how he wants to structure the club, and he will surely have provided a list of players he  wants – so hopefully some progress is already being made – on the implicit assumption that Alan will be appointed within days.

The other progress is that Mike will now know what Alan’s vision of the club is – and we’d be surprised if Ashley didn’t like what he heard – but Mike’s problems is how to financially stabilize the club, while at the same time giving Alan what he wants and needs.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Mike is nobody’s fool financially – and he knows if Alan walks – his time as Newcastle owner will is essentially be over – but the club will be lurching around again, and relegation next year could even enter the annals of possibility.

So that will not happen.

Here are some of the things we would expect to happen once the annoucnemnt is made:

  • We would like (and expect) to see  a press conference for the fans and press, to lay out the new policies at the club. We’d like to see Alan and Derek run that conference, with even Mike Ashley sitting in – the new management team must show solidarity in this new huge challenge facing our club.
  • With Alan in charge we would expect to hear good things about Mike, and how they have worked  well together this week – only because that seems to be what is happening – and Shearer’s methods are that he wants everybody to row in the same direction for the club – nothing wrong with that.
  • We’d also expect to know what Alan’s new back-room team will be, and if we are believe the reports, then it will be Iain Dowie, John Carver, Paul Ferris  and former player Rob Lee. Even though we are in the Championship these coaches will be well compensated and probably on a huge bonus for getting the club promoted this coming season.
  • There will be a list coming out with all those players made available for transfer, although Newcastle may just issue a statement saying all players are now available. They MUST reduce the wage bill by around £35M before next season.  
    Here’s who we think will be on any specific list:
    Owen, Viduka, Smith, Barton, Cacapa, Edgar, Nolan, Xisco, Martins, Coloccini, Gutierrez,  and Geremi – and maybe even more.
  • We would expect Shearer and his team to go into immediate action, where the last 8 weeks will appear like a vacation compared to the next 4 weeks. They will be wheeling and dealing in the transfer market, and we have to hope Shearer has a big attraction to players.
  • Alan will want to set the tone for next season, by talking to players who will be important to the club for next season – players like Steven Taylor, Damien Duff, Habib Beye and what is expected of them – and of course our great youngsters like Andy Carroll, Nile Ranger, Haris Vuckic, Tim Krul and Fraser Forster, Tamas Kadar as only a few examples.
  • We also have a sneaking suspicion that Shearer would love to announce that Seb Bassong has agreed to stay at the club. That’s why he is meeting today with his agents, and presumably will put the new deal to them that we expect has already been worked out with Derek and Mike.
    If Alan can do that – it would be a huge coup for Alan and the club – rise Sir Sebastien Bassong. 😀
    If not we’ll just have to take the £15M. 
  • We need to arrange our pre-season scheilde buit that will be only with local teams, we would assume.

So there’s no doubt that once Alan is announced, the new management team will launch into warp speed, with all the work that needs to be completed before the new pre-season starts on July 1st – a very short 32 days off.