I’m Sorry The Club Went Down – Lovenkrands

Peter Lovenkrand’s agent yesterday said his client was waiting to hear from Newcastle United on a possible new deal.


Peter Lovenkrands – wants to stay on Tyneside

And Peter himself has today talked to the Newcastle Journal, and he seems more than keen to stay on Tyneside.

Since Peter signed in January he has worked under Joe Kinnear, Chris Hughton and Alan Shearer and it must have been difficult for all three of our January transfers, Lovenkrands, Nolan and Ryan Taylor to settle in on Tyneside.

This year turned out to be catastrophic for the club, with their worst points run for a very very  long time, and we were summarily relegated to the Championship, and deserved it.

But it looks like Peter wants to stay at the club as he said this morning:

“I would love to be at Newcastle United again next season,” “I know that things are up in the air with the gaffer and no one has said anything to me yet, but if the chance was there then I would take it.”

“I’m open to anything that Newcastle say to me. I’m waiting to hear what will happen next for me but hopefully it will be something from Newcastle.”

“It wouldn’t bother me that the club is in the Championship because it is still a massive, massive club and I loved my time there. The fans were amazing and the way they clapped us off at Aston Villa shows how much the club means to them.”

“I’d definitely be interested in playing longer at Newcastle.” “I’m sorry that the club went down and that I couldn’t do more to help,”  “It is a good club and I thought that we could turn it around. It was very disappointing.”

We can only suspect that Alan Shearer has let Peter know he’s interested in him, and will move if and when he is appointed the Magpies manager, but the situation at Newcastle right now is ridiculous, and could only happen at this club.,

Effectively everything is on hold until Mike Ashley sells the club – but that will take weeks.

So something has to give, sooner rather than later, and Newcastle fans’ expectations that Shearer could be appointed at the end of the week may well be torpedoed again.  We’re bracing ourselves for another shock at the end of the week, or over the weekend – as we got last weekend.

We believe Ashley will not want to do much at all until he sells the club, and the fact that is severely hampering Newcastle’s preparation for one of their most important seasons ever coming up, tells us  this guy doesn’t have much of a clue, and he seems to be living on another planet at times.

And certainly his recent actions are hardly helping the club right now.

Also, it is by no means certain that Shearer will eventually be appointed, and certainly the longer this deadlock goes on, the less chance there is of  Shearer becoming manager at his home town club, because it tells us there muts be some serious concerns – be it wages, experience or whatever, with appointing Shearer.

But as this new soap opera continues at the club, the Newcastle Mansion continues to burn, and we’ve lost more rooms to the fire this week – to use an Alan Shearer alliteration on the state of the club.

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