Shambles Continues At Newcastle As Nothing Much Gets Done

The Newcastle players have returned to pre-season training and both Chris Hughton and Colin Calderwood were there to welcome the players back.

traning 2

Newcastle players limbering up on Wednesday

And indeed the fitness coaches Mark Hulse and Robbie Elliott were also there as they must first work a month’s notice before leaving the club for Liverpool.

Presumably that will allow whoever is in charge at Newcastle right now, to start looking for a fitness coach to replace Hulse, who of course is very well thought of in the game.

It also seems that Newcastle have put a gag order on the players so they will not be able to speak to the media, and that lasts until after the Shamrock Rovers’ game a week come Saturday.

When things are in a complete shambles that’s the type of thing you have to start doing to limit the damage, but how many many fans would have thought pre-season training would start yesterday, without a permanent manager in place at the club?

If fans were on the fence about the capabilities of Mike Ashley at Newcastle, his performance of the last 6 weeks will have convinced many of the Newcastle faithful  he just doesn’t have a clue about what it takes to run a football club.

training 2009 1

Ameobi and Barton arriving at Benton yesterday

John Gibson was spot on recently when he looked at the various leaders of the club over the last 50 years or so, and put Ashley at the bottom of the list – he’s been that hopeless – and continues to be so.

And while it is looking more and more like the American consortium are becoming favorites to buy the club, nothing is certain, and we just have to hope that indeed a sale will go through at some time early next week.

Bit we’ve now been waiting almost 6 weeks since we were relegated, and the club had done precious little to prepare for what is an important water-shed season that starts on August 8th.

If the club is to be anywhere ready for that game, there’s lots and lots of work to do, and Newcastle continues to burn as the powers that be twiddle their thumbs.

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