Lovenkrands Waiting For Offer From Newcastle

Peter Lovenkrands, the Danish winger has confirmed that he would welcome a return to the Tyneside club, but Newcastle have yet to make a concrete offer to the player.

Peter Lovenkrands 4

Peter Lovenkrands – would be great signing

Lovenkrands has been training with his old team Rangers in Glasgow, where his in-laws live, trying to keep himself fit, and apparently has several offers from European clubs.

But the 29-year-old has played in Germany (Scalke 04), and his Scottish wife Teresa just hated it there, and Peter would like to settle in England (or Scotland).

Peter told the Journal this morning:

“Of course I would be interested in coming back to Newcastle. I really enjoyed my time at the club and would certainly be interested in hearing what they had to say,”

“As far as I know there has been nothing concrete from them although there has been a bit of interest. I have had a few offers from other clubs as well and there are a few things on the table at the moment for me.”

“I know Newcastle are a Championship club now but they still have great fans and I don’t think they will be in the Championship for long.”

“Of course it is a consideration (playing Premier League football) but Newcastle are a big club. They got 43,000 fans for the last game, it is great the fans are still backing the team.”

If Lovenkrands wants to come and we are short of strikers and wingers, which we are after Martins, Owen, Viduka and Duff have all left, why wouldn’t we snap this player up?

Normal people in charge would do just that but unfortunately Ashley and Llambias are hardly normal football people – in fact they are not football people at all.

Unfortunately they are completely incompetent at running a football club.

They’ve proved again and again these last 12 months of hell, in charge of Newcastle, and are still busy showing their disdain for the club, its fans and players even now, with just 9 days in the transfer window remaining.

It would help a lot if they communicated with their fans and players, but they just ignore them.

And apparently Lovenkrands is yet to be offered a contract by Newcastle.

But the player himself was present at last weekend’s game against Reading – and told supporters that he would love to move to Newcastle.

There’s just 9 days to go of a 14 week summer season, and we’ve signed one player and lost eight – what’s wrong with this picture?

It’s hard to imagine, if Ashley had gone out after relegation and tried to decimate the Tyneside club, how he could have come up with a better plan than that which he has been on since the end of May.

Newcastle and Ashley are like oil and water – they just don’t mix.

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