Hughton – QPR As Good As We Have Played This Season

Newcastle manager Chris Hughton thought that his side showed character and determination, to come from a goal behind to get a draw against a good Queens Park Rangers side.

marlon harewood 123

Marlon Harewood scored his maiden goal after 70 minutes

QPR took just seven minutes to find a breakthrough, when Ben Watson’s shot was deflected beyond Steve Harper by the boot of Steven Taylor.

Danny Guthrie had the chance to level from the penalty spot on 18 minutes, but Danny did the unthinkable and his poorly directed  shot was saved by goalkeeper. Radek Cerny.  A penalty miss at the wrong time for Newcastle.

The Magpies went for the jugular in the second half, and got the equalizer through Marlon Harewood, as he forced home an Andy Carroll header, from point-blank range, on 70 minutes.

After the game manager Chris Hughton seemed quite happy with the overall result:

“It was important to get something. We were up against a very good QPR side who are in good form at the moment and scoring goals, and there’s no doubt in the early part of the game, they were the better side.”

“We didn’t keep the ball as well as should have done and consequently, allowed them too much possession.”  “When you are playing against a team in the confident mood they are in, if you give them too much possession, they can hurt you.”

“They are as good as we have played this season.” “We had to come out in the second-half and show character and determination and the lads did that.”

“And with a little more quality with regards the final ball I feel we could have won the game.”

We still look at this as 2 points lost, but certainly a win on Saturday against Bristol City, will take us into the International break still at the top of the Championship, at least 3 points clear.

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  • DJG

    Oct 1, 2009 at 12:43 AM

    Comment #1

    Cheeky screendump from the official site ther ed 😉

  • Isaac Hunt

    Oct 1, 2009 at 1:09 AM

    Comment #2

    Lazy writing Ed. It was hardly worth loosening the straps on me straightjacket.

  • marlonisourking

    Oct 1, 2009 at 1:17 AM

    Comment #3

    Just my two cents on the game 🙂

    Glad to see Hughton’s thinking positive. At least we got something from the game, to lose all 3 points given the position we were in prior to the match would have been a disaster. We have come up against QPR on the back of a big win for them and it showed, especially in the early stages, we certainly didn’t start strongly and didn’t look like we wanted it as much as they did.

    Jose Enrique seemed really rattled after their goal and you could see he wasn’t assured in possession, and was not willing to press forward into their half, which was a big problem given our lack of a left midfielder. Khizanishvili impressed me and his calm head saved Enrique’s bacon on more than one occassion. Luckily the appearance of Jonas after the break gave Enrique someone to work with up the left and they collaborated well, he certainly got back in the game. Their goal came rather fortuitously with the deflection but could have been avoided if Enrique had done the simple thing and put the ball out for a throw rather than trying to out-play their attackers. After the goal the ball spent too much time in our half when we should have been pressing them for an equaliser, it was almost as if we were the ones who’d gone 1 up.

    I thought, given the range from which the ball struck the player’s arm, we were lucky to get the penalty, although the referee would have incurred the wrath of pressing on 40,000 Geordies so perhaps best he did. I don’t feel Guthrie struck it too badly, it wasn’t straight at the ‘keeper, and full marks to the their ‘keeper for his 1st half display- it felt like we couldn’t buy a goal.

    I reckon we struggled attacking before Harewood came on since that’s the most physical defence I’ve seen us play against so far this season, and they gave back as good as they got from Ranger and Carroll, the flick-on game didn’t seem to work and their defence weren’t prepared to be bullied off the ball, fair play to them. Felt they were perhaps a bit rough at times but Carroll really does need to try and stay on his feet more, given his size and strength he seems to hit the deck a bit too often. Really incensed the area of the crowd I was sat in when he went down clutching his face after no apparent contact in the 60-somethingth minute before our equaliser- we couldn’t afford to waste time.

    The introduction of Gutierrez and Harewood in the 2nd half gave QPR just too much class to deal with and though the goal wasn’t exactly pretty, it was well-deserved, and we were perhaps unlucky not to get a winner, it was not for wont of trying. Full marks tonight for Khizanishvili, who looks to be a sound signing, and Smith, who showed passion, fire, drive and determination throughout with some really meaty tackles, I wish everyone else had played with half of his gusto in the 1st half, we seemed a bit flat. Sure he picked up another yellow but most of his tackles were absolute quality. In the 2nd half I was also impressed with Steven Taylor’s drive to get forward, even after we’d scored he still found himself more often than not in advanced positions and was really pressing for a winner. It’s having quality, passionate lads like him in the team that give us the edge and make us a cut above most others in the league.

    Wasn’t sure at the time if Hughton had made the right call bringing Ranger off- to me he looked more lively than Carroll, but it came good given he got the assist. Well-inspired subs as usual, and great to see Jonas back and Harewood bag his first goal for us.

    So, well done I getting something out of the game. 3 points clear at the top is certainly not a bad place to be! We didn’t quite play like a top-of-the-league team tonight though, if we want to stay there we have to earn it. Bring on Bristol City, and howay the lads.

  • Bojan

    Oct 1, 2009 at 7:24 AM

    Comment #4

    “But certainly a win on Saturday against Bristol City, will take us into the International break still at the top of the Championship, at least 3 points clear”.
    Well said Ed, let’s hope it goes that way. 😉

  • Lew Davies

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:00 AM

    Comment #5

    c’mon Ed, look at the positives.
    At least we are still undefeated at home this season……..(for now!!).
    Every game we play at SJP is massive, because for some clubs it is like a cup final and that is how they are playing. Its all do or die stuff, and qpr were no different last night. Bristol shitty will be just the same too.
    Also the lads seem to be under a lot more pressure at home, where there is a massive expectation put on them to win win win.
    The season is still young, and the lads are still learning to adapt to this league, which is fast and furious, but with little quality.
    There are going to be blips along the way, just got to stick with the team and keep supporting them.

  • Bigbadbob

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    Comment #6

    Hughton is becoming a bit of a waffler, QPR a good team,dont be daft man, dont try and cover up bad tactics and selections.
    For the umpteenth time he has played a flat midfield but he doesnt learn from his mistake that 4 central midfielders in the same team just doesnt work.
    He is afraid to gamble with width and afraid to leave his “senior” players out of the side, making tough decisions is a managers job and he is clearly out of his depth.

  • Lew Davies

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:19 AM

    Comment #7

    A bit harsh BBB, but just out of interest what would your MF be?

  • Geordiedoonsooth

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:19 AM

    Comment #8

    Let’s be honest if anyone had said in July, that after 10 games we’d be 3 points clear at the top of the league having lost only 1 game we’d have called for the men in white coats. Yes there are lots at fault with the team (lack of pace and no wide players), but the thing they have in spades is heart & will to fight for each other which was sadly lacking last season. I just hope fat tw*t & lamearse either sell up quickly or spend some money in January the squad is far to small.

  • buda boom

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:20 AM

    Comment #9

    Fairly accurate assessment .
    It is Hughton making the same mistakes as last year. Nobody would have picked Butt to play last night or any other night if they had watched for the last two years. His game is all about breaking up the opposition attacks well he never broke one up last night.
    The fact is we have a very small squad to pick our firat eleven from. It is a reflection of the lack of investment in the team by the FCB. We need to see fresh young players on the pitch. I don’t mean teenagers I mean early twenties who have 50 or so starts behind them and want a succesful career.
    Finally can someone tell me who was the genius that gave Lovenkrands a three year deal when he cannot even make the starting line up ahead of loan players cast off by rubbish premier league clubs.

  • Nick D

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:28 AM

    Comment #10


    You are spot on. There is a lack of width and C.H is afraid to drop the seniors, most notably Butt.

    I never thought I would say it, but I think R Taylor is becoming a really crucial player for us.
    He has been almost Beckhamesque in this league and if we are going to play with 2 big lads up front, he could be vital.

  • Nick D

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:31 AM

    Comment #11

    Yes if we were cracking down on big wages, I can’t see the point of offering Lovenkrands, who has a shocking injury record, a 3 year contract !

  • dave 1961

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:35 AM

    Comment #12

    Bigbadbob totally agree i just wonder if the players are picking the team, i don’t blame Hughton as he’s doing his best, just not good on tactics, but we need a manager now.

  • Lew Davies

    Oct 1, 2009 at 8:44 AM

    Comment #13

    so lets sack Hughton and bring in…….?

    well if the choice is either CH or JFK, then I’ll stick with CH thanks.

    Unfortunatly CH is on a steep learning curve, and yes, making some wrong decisions, but at least he has the lads playing for each other and the shirt. Its going to take time………….oh well thats that then. !!!!!!!

    Just for the record, he made the right call last night by taking Butt off at HT, so he must be learning. FFS we have only played 10 games. He is doing alright considering all the crappage that is going on at the club.
    And one last thing, some of the players at NUFC are just gash and will never make it in the prem. This is the level for many of them. Doesn’t matter how much you mould a turd, its still a turd.

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:01 AM

    Comment #14

    Well, having listened to the match on the radio, our game seemed to be crying out for:

    Wingers who can add withd to the diamond and cross the ball well;
    Wingers who can make decisive off-the-ball runs;
    Anybody who can make those runs;
    Dedicated penalty takers;
    Passers of the ball to shooting positions.

    Other than that, the lads did well to claw themselves back into the game and Harwood and Jonas clearly were the drivers behind that.

    No faulting Ranger, he seemed to be putting himself about.

    Over time and as he develops the strength and nous to cope with experienced defenders, he will become a great player. Same goes for Carroll for that matter.

    As Ed says, it was two points lost but on the up side, one point won!

  • Ericles

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:01 AM

    Comment #15

    I echo the sentiments of bigbadbob as well. We need wingers in our formation. Hughton has got to face the fact that Butt is just a back-up player now as well. As far as I am concerned there is only one potential quality side in the Coca Cola – and that is us. Role on a sale and Shearer in!

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:04 AM

    Comment #16

    [An extract from NUFC’s comment on the game]

    …. Jim Magilton added:

    “I’m pleased and proud – I thought we came here and showed our intent from the first whistle and scored an early goal which always helps confidence and helped with our composure on the ball.”


    Why don’t we just go for the jugular at home, demoralise the opposition and then shut the shop?

  • dave 1961

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:05 AM

    Comment #17

    i don’t think anyone wants to sack Chris, he’s doing his best, but he has his limitations, i am good at running a business, but crap at bricklaying, we all have our chosen fields, Chris is a coach, but he’s doing what his employers have instructed him to do, if he went up to Llambias today and told him he did not want to stand in any more, he would be sacked and the head groundsman would be put in charge of the team, & the tea lady would be made coach. so we can all agree that only a half whit would want Chris sacked. we just want a manager, & not Joe the clown.

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:12 AM

    Comment #18

    Ericles…. if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

  • Lew Davies

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    Comment #19

    Agree Dave, and all I’m saying is we aren’t getting any choices to replace him so will everyone just get off his back. He is doing the best he can for US. And just for the record, I cant see shearer doing much better with the players we have got and no money to spend.

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:17 AM

    Comment #20

    Well, who’d have thought it…. Shearer Deputy Sheriff of Northumberland.

    A bit like Chester to Mr Dillon?

    Thought he’d take nothing less than being head honcho!

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:23 AM

    Comment #21

    I wonder when Shearer, the Deputy Sheriff ‘ll form a posse to round up the cowboys running Newcastle United?

  • Lew Davies

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:29 AM

    Comment #22

    good one Lesh.

  • batty

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    Comment #24

    LESH hes already on the case m8

  • Bigbadbob

    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:57 AM

    Comment #25

    I am not saying get rid of Chris, just pointing out that its the same as last season, when he accommodates the old soldiers, they are easily overpowered and get the runaround from a five man younger midfield.
    Most of the fans can see whats wrong and without naming names, most of the fans were calling it before a ball was kicked.
    I dont know what the answer is, i am not a manager, i dont get paid a fortune to sort it out, but Chris does and he cant see the wood for the trees and its worrying.

  • Macas35

    Oct 1, 2009 at 10:40 AM

    Comment #26

    BigBadBob – He played a very similar team against Ipswich and we smashed them 4-0. Yes we lacked natural width in the first half but Gutierrez is just coming back from a long lay off so he might not have wanted to risk him for a full game. The fact is we just didn’t perform.

  • punk skunk...

    Oct 1, 2009 at 12:18 PM

    Comment #27

    R Taylor wasn’t playin’, hence no decent crosses!..Hello?..

    …Yada, yada, yada, yea, yea, yea, whatever!..

  • punk skunk...

    Oct 1, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    Comment #28

    The MF was always gonna be a problem last night & that’s what happened, not enough youthful, quick, MF’ers!..


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