Colin Calderwood Has Done Great Job At Newcastle

Colin Calderwood was fired from the Nottingham Forest job last December, and of course they are Newcastle’s next opponents come Saturday.

chris hughton colin calderwood

Chris and Colin – have done wonders at Newcastle this season

Chris played at Tottenham as did Chris Hughton of course, and he was a big favorite there, but since the two former players got the lead on July 1st, they have done better than anybody expected, and a dream start for the Magpies this season.

Chris said today:

“I think everybody wanted to start the season well.” “I don’t think it has ever been so important for a club to start well like we have.”

“For a club that was in our situation, it had to be a positive start.”

Newcastle now have a string of 5 games before the next break and it will again be very tough, starting with Saturday night’s televised game with the once great Nottingham Forest, which promises to be a big test for the lads.

The following Tuesday night the lads will play at Scunthorpe United’s very small Glanford Park, where there is a sell-out at the 7,000 capacity ground, for the biggest league fixture in living memory for that North Lincolnshire club.

Newcastle will have to continue showing the fight and determination that has characterized our first 11 games, where we have managed to get a good 24 points, but we just have to maintain that pace.

If we can do that, we’ll end up with about 100 points over the 46 game season and promotion will be ours.

Calderwood went on::

“With the international fixtures it has broken the season up nicely into little segments.”

“There are now five games until the next break so we can review where we are then. It manages itself.”

Colins’ management record is 3 years at Northampton Town (2003-2006) and then time at Nottingham Forest (2006 – 20o06).

At Northampton Town his record was P154 W74 D40 L40 – for a win percentage of 48.05, and at Nottingham Forest his record was P136 W57 D42 L37 – for a in percentage of 41.91. Not too bad a management record really.

So Colin has had some experience in managing clubs, which may explain why he’s been almost reborn at Newcastle, and of course he’s said many times how much he just loves working at the Newcastle club.

We love to hear that – and long may it continue.

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