Jonas Makes Winning Goal – Argentina Qualify For South Africa

It’s a long journey back for Jonas Gutierrez but he will probably be floating on air, because his dream has come true, and Argentina have qualified for the World Cup finals in South Africa next summer.

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Jonas Gutierrez – responsible for winning goal

They defeated Uruguay 1-0 in Montevideo last night 1-0 with a goal from substitute Mario Bolatti after 84 minutes.

It was the first win in Uruguay for Argentina in Montevideo for 33 years, and it was a fitting win and a second victory in 4 days for Diego Maradona’s side, when they were under the hammer to qualify.

Argentina needed at least a draw to make sure of their qualification to South Africa, and the victory was achieved with just 6 minutes to go, and Newcastle winger Gutierrez paved the way for the winning goal.

He chased after the ball down the right wing, and then stole possession from Uruguay full-back Martin Caceres, and was then brought down by the full-back.

That was a second yellow card for the Juventus defender and a free-kick to the visitors from which Mario Bolatti, following a goalmouth scramble, fired the decisive goal to the absolute delight of the 2,000 Argentine fans in Montivideo.

Newcastle manager Chris Hughton was obviously also delighted to see his player make it through to the finals.

Chris told Newcastle United TV this morning:

“I’m delighted for Jonas and it will be a tremendous boost for him,”

“He’s come through the game with no problems and played a major part in the winning goal.”

“It was a very fast game so no doubt he’ll be tired, but he’ll be on a high and we’re very pleased for him.”

Before the game Gutierrez had said it was his dream to play in the World Cup and it looks like he’ll get his chance, as will Coloccini, who was in the last World Cup squad in Germany.

You can bet both players will be playing out of their socks for Newcastle for the rest of the season.

A tearful and very emotional Diego Maradona last night hugged his assistant Carlos Bilardo on the pitch, before dedicating the win to the 2,000 fans who had made the short trip to Montevideo. He also dedicated the win to all of Argentina.

It is good to have such a famous country qualify for the World Cup, and who knows maybe we can encourage other Argentine players to come to Tyneside.

But first of all we need to get promoted this season – that’s job number one.

Let’s hope Jonas can help us get that win on Saturday at Nottingham Forest.

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  • G

    Oct 15, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    Comment #1

    Tempt more Argie’s to the toon squad? Not so sure about that like, firstly, Argentina are not the force they once were, secondly, our record with Argentine players aint exactly gleaming now is it? and most importantly, have you seen how much money Man City can throw at Tevez? Would you really want to compete with that? (The budget would be nice, if a little silly though!). I still reckon Maradonna will get the heave-ho before the tournament too.

  • NICK C

    Oct 15, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    Comment #2

    That headline makes it sound like Jonas set up the goal. He didn’t. Jonas doesn’t do assists!!

  • montevideomag

    Oct 15, 2009 at 10:19 AM

    Comment #3

    Well, as I explained yesterday, I went to the game and stood in the argentinian end. It has to be said that in a very tense game, by tense I mean, tedious, bring, no real chances, etc etc Jonas was fairly invisible for the entire ninety minutes. Only Veron really showed any class in the game and even then you could tell he was slightly passed it.
    For the goal, it was really the only time Jonas had really sprinted after the full back to close him down, they challenged for the ball, it squirmed free in favour of our lad, he took a step forward and was tripped up by the hand of Caceres in a sort of girlish rugby tackle.
    Oh, and Heinze looked good at left back for the argies, however, even his own fans down like him and he was often heckled down. Not one bad worn about Diego, before, during and of course after

  • premier

    Oct 15, 2009 at 10:25 AM

    Comment #4

    Correct Nick–sounds like he is giving up socks anarl!!

  • G

    Oct 15, 2009 at 10:41 AM

    Comment #5

    @montevideomag – Not one bad word about Diego?
    The press over here would have us believe that the concensus in Argentina is that the fans want him out? Typical Brit press overeaction then?

  • montevideomag

    Oct 15, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    Comment #6

    @G – nothing, all frustration was aimed at the players, with Heinze being the popular choice in the first half, they see him as liability, however, for me along with Veron and Demichelisis(sorry about the spelling) he was there top man. Even Messi received stick from the away fans.
    Maradona was cheered thoughout the game at different intervals.
    These are Argentinian based fans as well though, so loyalty to home based players seemed stronmg as well, Palermo, who did not even play was also chanted for throughout the second half, not even a mention for Tevez.


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