Newcastle A Happy Place To Be – Jose Enrique

Jose Enrique has said today that the Newcastle team are showing more team spirit than at any time since he’s been on Tyneside.

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Jose Enrique – happy on Tyneside

Jose Enrique has talked about the team’s togetherness this season:

“The team seems more together this year,” “We have an excellent spirit, whether it is the English players or the foreign ones like me. We are all in this together and we are all working hard for the club. It is similar players to last season but it feels different.”

“The atmosphere is much better and everybody is happy. We have seen that in the games, when we score a goal, everyone celebrates together, everyone is pleased for each other.”

“That is why results have been good, everyone is together. It’s the happiest I’ve been as a Newcastle player because it is a happy place to be.”

Chris Hughton’s side seem to have reveled in the increased responsibility they have taken on this season, even as things off the field continue to be complete mayhem under the clueless guidance of owner Mike Ashley.

The lads who have stayed at the club have certainly turned things around as they have won the first 7 of 11 league games, and are 3 points clear at the top of the league.

Jose talked about his own play this season:

“I feel as though I’ve played well this season, but I know I can get better,” “I’m only 23-years-old, I’m still learning and I’m still developing. I feel as though I will be better for this experience this season, we all will be.”

“I think everybody would have preferred to stay in the Premier League, but we made mistakes and we are paying for them. In the summer I made up my mind that I wanted to stay and make up for those mistakes and get Newcastle back into the Premier League.”

“It is a different experience and it has been a hard one because relegation was very painful for the team and me, but in the long term I will be better off for it. It is all experience and you learn from that.”

“If we can go straight back up after just one year, I think this will have been a good experience because it has toughened me up as a player.”

“Everyone wants to go straight back up and that is what we aim to do. Sometimes bad experiences can become good ones if they help you as a person and as a player.”

If Newcastle can go straight back up this season it will be almost like a miracle after the ridiculous state of the club over the summer, when Newcastle were once again made a laughing stock by current owner Mike Ashley.

If only some billionaire would come along, who has the good of the club at heart, and take the club off Mike’s hands for £100M – everything would look a lot better behind the scenes and in the boardroom.

We may even become a united club – just think of that.