No Fuss Hughton Does Talk To Both LLambias And Ashley

Chris Hughton has said today that he does speak with both Derek LLambias and Mike Ashley about team issues at Newcastle.

Chris Hughton 460

Chris Hughton – speaks to Derek Llambias mainly

And Chris talked this morning and said as far as he knows here are no players in the Newcastle squad interesting other clubs – well not yet anyway:

“If I look at the conversations I’ve had, more so with Derek (Llambias), it’d be about where we are at this moment leading into January.” “I’ve not been made aware of any interest in any of our players at all,”

“What I can say is that I haven’t been made aware of any interest at all in Tim, but he’s a very good goalkeeper, and he’s a goalkeeper playing at international level, albeit Under-21s.”

“And he’s a player who has been around the first team now for a couple of seasons and we feel he’s got a very good future here. Any interest in our players is probably a mark of that we’re doing well.”

“If I look at the way that we’ve approached the season so far we know it’s going to be a tough job to keep it going, as it will be for anyone else around the areas we are, so I certainly would like to keep everyone we’ve got here.”

Hughton also says he speaks with Mike Ashley on occasion about various team issues:

“I have spoken to them, yes (Ashley and Llambias). Just really on team issues and of course they’re delighted to see where we are at this stage of the season,”

“I do speak to them but probably the bonus that I have is that I have a job to be getting on with.”

“I probably don’t want to concern myself too much with everything else that’s going on above me probably for the simple fact that it’s something different every day, every week.”

“If I look at where we are at this moment in time then the players that I’ve wanted to come in have come in so from that side of things I have no complaints.”

That’s one of the things we really like about Chris – he just gets on with the job, with no fuss, and even Alan Shearer this week has come out and said what a great job Chris has been doing this season.

If he ever does get replaced at Newcastle, there will be a number of Championship clubs only too happy to give Chris the reigns of the club, and he’ll quietly get on with the job, with no fuss – just like he’s been doing these last four months on Tyneside.

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  • ash1001

    Oct 17, 2009 at 10:51 AM

    Comment #1

    So where are at with Hughton, as for the comments made by him – there are far to many ‘probablies’.
    Have Ashley and Llambias ever discussed anything with any manager regarding players – history shows that it is very unlikely.
    The squad is still far to thin to cover injuries etc, so would love to see Hughton stand his corner on that one, but its not likely to happen as he says ‘the bonus is I have a job to be getting on with’, just wonder if he is that good why did it not happen last season when he was in charge.

    Still think its down to the players and a possible change in attitude or maybe its just the level they should always have been at- but they are doing OK, hope its 3 points today, otherwise attitudes might change.

  • Mags

    Oct 17, 2009 at 11:24 AM

    Comment #2

    Quite frankly he is being used as a temporary fill in manager which suits the club’s owner.

    It seems looking in from the outside that Hughton is prepared to take this role and toe the party line and does not expect or get informed of what is happening.

    Ideal scenario for fat ash. Disastrous for the club, but then sadly we are becoming hardened to this disgraceful attitude.

  • Bigbadbob

    Oct 17, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    Comment #3

    I am going off Hughton big style, especially after his interview saying he is happy with this that and the other when he should be demanding this that and the other.
    I just want him to speak out and say what he feels and wants and not from the Ashley hymn sheet, he is too constricted when he speaks and i dont think he is as honest as he makes out.
    I fear for us when we hit a bad spell as Hughton doesnt have the character to drag the squad out of it or challenge the board for squad improvement.


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