Calderwood Turns Down Tranmere Job To Remain On Tyneside

Chris Hughton is pleased this morning that his assistant Colin Calderwood has turned down an offer to join Tranmere Rovers as manager, to remain working with Chris on Tyneside.


Colin Calderwood – while managing Nottingham Forest

The former Northampton Town (2003 – 2006) and Nottingham Forest (2006-2008) manager had been approached by the League One side about their vacant manager’s position.

But Calderwood has instead opted to stay at St James’ Park, and that’s hardly surprising since his remuneration will be a lot more at Newcastle than he would be getting at Tranmere Rovers.

And Colin has said more than once how he just loves it at the Newcastle club,  since he joined Joe Kinnear last January, after being dismissed at Nottingham Forest last December.

It would appear from today’s news that Mike Ashley is now going to keep Newcastle through this season and that being the case (you can never be absolutely sure with Mike), both Chris and Colin will get new improved contracts – which they deserve.

However, it appears that Chris will get no more than £300K/year and Colin will get something less than that – maybe half or two thirds that amount – at a pure guess.

The offer of a contract until the end of the season, with the option for another year, gives both Hughton and Calderwood some level of security – at least – because after all Colin was on a weekly contract – and to be fair to him he has been willing to accept that kind of payment since July 1st.

That’s hardly job security for Colin, but he hung in there and has helped Chris turn the club around from where it was in the summer – at least so far so good.

If the two coaches get the job, it is likely to be short term until the summer, and of course the goal is to get promoted – and if these two manage that they will have done a tremendous job for the Newcastle club – absolutely no doubt about that.

Buty we would then expect the club to be sold, and the new owners would be likely to appoint Shearer as the new manager, so he can attract the new players we would need to be a decent team in the Premier League.

Colin has provided invaluable support to Chris Hughton and they have managed to see Newcastle still at the top of the league, even though we’ve gone through some recent bad times due mainly to injuries to Steven Taylor and Fabricio Coloccini.

We would hope the two coaches would be on a big bonus they would receive if they manage to get the club promoted – after all it would at least double the value of the club!

Since the tenure of Chris and Colin is likely to be this season only, at least where they will be in charge, we would hope Newcastle fans will support both of them – after all it’s in the interests of the club to get promoted this season – and then we’re back in the big time.

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