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Coloccini Willing To Cut Hair Off If Newcastle Successful

One of the big talking points with Fabriocio Coloccini is his hair.

Fabricio Coloccini   -crazy-hair_2345519

Coloccini – with that hair – get the comb!

We noticed it when he was playing for Argentina in Germany in the World Cup in 2006, and that made him stand out, along with some steady play at the back for his country.

That’s when we thought he might be good for Newcastle, and followed his career from that point forward.

And today Coloccini says he will be willing to cut off his hair if Newcastle are successful, but his definition of success is if Newcastle get back into the Champions League.

This is what Fabricio said today:

“People talk about my hair a lot. Would I shave it off if we got promoted? No, no, but maybe one day. We should go up, so that is not something I will consider. But I would happily shave it all off if we can qualify for the Champions League.

“It seems a very long way off at the moment, but Newcastle are a club with the potential to play in the Champions League again. It would be fantastic and if it happens I’ll cut my hair completely off to celebrate.”

We’ll keep him to that – point noted. 😀

Of course job one this season is to get promoted to the Premiership, so we can then make a bid to get into the upper reaches of the Premiership, and we have no doubt at all that Newcastle can become great again, but Mike Ashley will need to leave before that can ever happen again.

And it seems that’s what Coloccini has been thinking – to get us that promotion this season as a first step back.

Coloccini continued:

“That was all I thought about in the summer. I really hope we can go straight back up and I’m confident we will. To get Newcastle back up would be a big achievement.”

“It wouldn’t be the greatest achievement of my career because we shouldn’t be in the Championship anyway, but it would give me a lot of satisfaction to win promotion with this team. We have a strong togetherness.”

“It is so important for the city because I know how big a part of the city the football team is. We recognize that and we want to make up for getting relegated.”

Coloccini was a bit of flop last season, but we have to hope that Fabricio will continue his good form this season, and if he can do that both Jonas and he will be in the Argentine squad for the World Cup next summer – almost a certainty.

He is getting good experience in the very physical side of things in the Championship, and he is even seeming to relish the physical battles he has in almost every game – and he doesn’t back off either.

That will stand him in good stead if and when we get back to the Premiership.

Fabriico continued:

“I’m very happy with the start to the season. I feel it has gone well for myself and the team and it’s very pleasing to be on top of the table.”

“We have had a good start, but I don’t think we should get too excited. We haven’t achieved anything yet so we shouldn’t receive too much praise either. There is a long way to go this season, it’s still early days. If we can keep it going we will deserve praise then, not now.”

“The hardest thing has been adapting to the physical side of the game in England, it was a bit of a shock when I came last year. There is a lot of physical contact and it is a lot rougher than LaLiga. It took me a bit of time to get used to it, but I learnt a lot last year and got a feel for the speed and the style of play.”

“As a defender, you take a lot of kicks and elbows, you are constantly in a battle with the centre forward. The referee doesn’t see a lot of it. It is even tougher in the Championship.”

“I’ve had to learn to cope with it and stand up for myself. I’m comfortable doing that after the experience of last year. I’m not worried by it now.”

Significantly, he is also happy playing under Chris Hughton, like almost every other Newcastle player we’ve heard from, as he continued:

“All managers are different, they all have different ways of doing things, but Chris is a good person. He has a very good character, a good man. He is honest and you can respect him. That is very important for me.”

Good words from Fabricio on Chris Hughton, and finally, Newcastle fans like their players a lot – if they can do two things.

One is to play good football, the very first priority, and the other is to be loyal and faithful to the Newcastle club.

Coloccini now has the chance to achieve both of them – and we  hope he does.

Comments welcome.

3 comments so far

  • Christoon

    Nov 7, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    Comment #1

    good to hear, even tho colo’s time here has been rocky he sounds dedicated to us. lets hope his actions back that up

  • listie

    Nov 7, 2009 at 1:24 PM

    Comment #2

    H comes across as a good lad, although I would on £65k a week 🙂

  • Shot Bru

    Nov 7, 2009 at 2:01 PM

    Comment #3

    Not suited to the premiership style of play, he has no pace and poor in the air, we should sell him if we get promoted. Although he does sound committed this season, probably because we’re on top of the league.


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